2311 - Die Explosive Kraft
The Explosive Force
Leo Lukas

It is due to the courageous intervention of Kempo Doll'Arym that the structure-dolbe in whose flight he participated as a cadet is not destroyed in a structure storm. It appears that Kempo is one of the most gifted structure pilots that his people have ever produced. He therefore has his choice of crew.

In the following months, as he takes over command of the DORYNA, his beloved Auhara and old friend Sheerdurn become part of his crew. After some official flights back and forth between the planets and pilots’ cities, Kempo realizes his old dream and penetrates the Charon Barrier with the DORYNA - an enormous event. However, the worrying discoveries which Kempo makes with his short stay in the outside world are ruled impossible by most the Charonii: There are gigantic spaceships examining the structural drift! However, they are unable to penetrate it. Kempo learns these ships belong to the unfamiliar races of the Arkonides and Terrans. The Charonii Council forbids the spreading of this knowledge, so Kempo and his people are ordered to be silent.

However, from the hints given by an old friend of Sheerdurn’s, they discover an enormous tower on the supposedly uninhabitable planet Stolp from which a network of observation satellites, located beyond the structural drift, can be accessed.

This equipment is the legacy of the so-called Charon Corps, an extinct organization that had consisted of elite structure pilots. There are also dozens of operational structure-dolbes on Stolp. They also find records of the arrival of a bionic cruiser. The Charonii learn that the Protectors still exist, but have now left to search for Ahandaba. Kempo decides to revive the Charon Corps and recruits the Charonii that had been exiled already because of breaking a taboo or those that are dissatisfied with the isolationist policy of the Council. The Council probably consists at least partly of former members of the Charon Box. This secret society was once responsible for the dissolution of the Charon Corps and still holds the true power in the Charon Cloud in its hands to this day.

Khal Pif'Deran, council chairman and the old opponent of Kempo, agrees to the revival of the Charon Corps. Its members should observe the Charon Barrier. However, Kempo is already thinking ahead: He recognizes they must search out new friends among the strangers and that they need a weapon against those who are hostile to them. Because the structure-dolbes contain no offensive armament, Kempo experiments with the explosive force which makes it possible to use the structural drift itself as a weapon.

However, it appears that this can be controlled only with difficultly. Therefore, Kempo breaks another taboo of his people and arranges the formation of academies in which use of the explosive force is practiced. Notes are discovered on Stolp meanwhile, and from them, is found that the Charonii were not alone in the Charon Cloud in prehistoric times. Thirty meter tall avian beings and upright moving cephalopods seem to be their race’s friends. However, what weighs most heavily is the information that the explosive force can be only used if a structure pilot sacrifices his or her life to bind the destructive forces of the hyperhurricane with a lethal impulse.

No time remains to brood over this information, because two Prospector ships from TRAITOR penetrate into the structural drift and destroy a structure-dolbe. Kempo attacks with the DORYNA, provoking the explosive force and destroying one Prospector ship and driving out the other. But someone from Kempo’s crew had to sacrifice her life for it - Auhara, the love of his life.

Meanwhile, beyond the Charon Cloud Marc London undertakes a daring experiment. He approaches the structural drift with a space jet and steps in "correspondence" using his para-gift with a structure pilot. In this way the space jet can penetrate the structural-drift without danger. A small spaceship soon leaves the cloud and makes radio contact. It is the DORYNA.

Jerry Schneiderman 2006-03-19

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