231 - Das System der Verlorenen
The System Of The Lost
Kurt Mahr


12 2401. Grek-1, now among the Terran ranks, tells Rhodan about a solar system halfway between the Milky Way and Andromeda, the Lost System, where a transmitter can be found, which is connected to that of the Sextuple system. This system had only one planet, Kulloch, populated by Maahks, but the Masters of the Island blew the planet a thousand years ago because the Maahks had rebelled against them. The system is now therefore desert. Rhodan goes there with the Khrest II and finds out that some Maahks survived the destruction of the planet and live among its debris. They are very aggressive toward Rhodan because they think the Masters of the Island are back, and they prevent the Terrans from reaching the transmitter, located on one of the debris.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

Grek-1 advises Perry Rhodan to seize the Lost System as a base for future operations. The system, whose two suns form a transmitter, is nine hundred fifty thousand light years from the Milky Way and five hundred one thousand light years from Andromeda. It has been abandoned by the "Masters of the Island". Its only planet, Kulloch (Kohnla), had been destroyed thousands of years before at the time of a punitive expedition by the Masters against the Maahks living there. The planet now forms an asteroid belt consisting of thirty thousand debris pieces.

The Terrans reach the Lost System on 18 December 2401. They discover an asteroid which holds the control station of the transmitter. It is named the "Caliph of Baghdad". A shield prevents the Terrans from entering the station in order to modify the settings. They are attacked by mutants, the Urals, Maahk descendants of the survivors of the disaster of Kulloch (Kohnla). After a massive attack by the small vessels of the Urals, the heavily damaged KHREST II retreats from the system.

Michael P. Mahoney

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