2307 - Der Psi-Korresponder
The Psi-Correspondent
Arndt Ellmer

After Bré Tsinga and her team are unable to find anything out about the abilities of Marc London, Gucky is called in to take care of the matter. However a Howalgonium theft in the top-secret HWG-01 in Zwiebus Crater on the moon interferes with this. The mousebeaver takes London with him to the secret research center. There, among other things, an Akone is working as a sleeper agent for the Energy Command. He wants to steal the LFT’s results on stabilizing HS-Howalgonium. But, in the end he does not succeed. He and the team of Baalols supporting him all die, trying to blow up HWG-01.

Meanwhile, outside the Sol System, the LEIF ERIKSSON II observes the arrival of the Column-Ferry TROVAGE. It delivers a Chaos-squadron to the Sol System and then continues on its way. After the Ferry disappears, Zerberoff shows up in his Dark Capsule and takes command of the squadron. But instead of attacking the Sol System, as Rhodan feared, the squadron disappears in the direction of the Jamondi Star Ocean with an unknown goal.

Back on the moon, Gucky decides that Marc London is a psi-correspondent, who reacts unconsciously to other people’s psi-abilities by copying them. For example Gucky is able to teleport without the expenditure of any extra energy.

After all ninety-six LORETTA tenders are equipped with the HS-Howalgonium, the TERRANOVA fleet, which the tenders form, starts its first test flight. The tenders are to be used to reform the crystal screen again. The first test succeeds for a short time, but is not stabile enough, so that the screen breaks down after few minutes, and all the tenders are damaged to some degree.

After this occurs, Bully and Fran Imith decide to finally get married. They return to the Earth and the First Terran Tamira Sakrahan carries out the ceremony. The witnesses at the marriage are Gucky and Perry Rhodan.

Jerry Schneiderman 2005-10-30

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