2305 - Jagd auf die Dunkelkapsel
Hunt for the Dark Capsule
Michael Marcus Thurner

Zerberoff has succeeded in escaping unidentified from Atlan Village and slips out the young Terran Marc London, with whom he feels a special psi affinity. But before he turns to the mutant, he again detects high energy in the vicinity of Mercury, but before he arrives there, it vanishes again. (The cause of the energy was apparently the return of Perry Rhodan from the Vega-system.) In the protection of his dark field Zerberoff turns back to the Earth to devote himself to his special prisoner in a godforsaken region of the southern hemisphere.

Meanwhile, data is being examined in Terrania. Due to Marc London’s personal notes, Malcolm S. Daellian is certain beyond any doubt that the Dual Captain is the unknown person they are searching for. The LFT heads now begin to plan the capture of this dangerous representative of the Chaos powers.

On a small island off the coast of New Zealand Zerberoff leaves the ship with his prisoner and applies the endogenous torture against him, but the Terran reflects the Para-gift of the double headed being and Zerberoff is set upon by his own gift. He experiences buried memories of his own past. He remembers his two fathers and other details, but then he wakes up again under great pain and learns that London has fled. Not far away, he rediscovers the young Terran, who has fled by a small brook and now is in shock and suffering hypothermia. Because the medical equipment of the dark capsule is not made for Terrans, the Dual Captain looks for an isolated outpost of civilization to save London.

He finds an old hunting lodge in the middle of the forest, where he captures Ian Grant, a former space soldier who had retried from duty, after a good friend died in a space fight, and now lives in this remote area of the world. Grant succeeds in saving Marc London, but pays for it with a dose of endogenous torture. Zerberoff, who wants to get to know more about his past, delivers a strong impulse to London again, who reflects the psionic energy, and Zerberoff reels again in his past.

He must recognize that he was created by the Column-anatomists, joined together from two pre-existing individuals. His two ‘fathers’ were the Ganschkare Gamauf and the Mor'Daer Zirium. These two beings were butchered in painful operations and the remaining halves knitted together with each other. The memories of this were blocked. Now Zerberoff feels the hate for the anatomists again, most of all, towards Tomf, the head of the whole project.

When Zerberoff awakes again, the older Terran has managed to flee again. Grant succeeds in escaping, because Zerberoff’s dark capsule receives important messages and he is distracted during the chase. On the moon, weapons are supposedly being tested against the Column’s fractal rip sheath.

With London aboard the Dual Captain flies to the Coreos research center on the moon and into the LFT trap. His dark capsule is covered with shackle fields. Negotiating on the radio with Mondra Diamond, he receives promise of his freedom if he releases his prisoner.

In this way, the Dual Captain succeeds in escaping capture. Now Marc London is to be prepared by Mondra and Bré Tsinga for his future life, which is undoubtedly no longer be as ‘simple’ as it used to be any more.

Jerry Schneiderman 2005-10-30

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