2304 - Schatten über Atlan-Village
Shadows over Atlan Village
Michael Marcus Thurner

The Dual Captain Zerberoff escaped the destruction of the Column-Fort and fled with a dark capsule to Terra. To justify his failure before the True-Progress of the Terminal-Column, he begins to look for proof that the dark investigators did not completely inform him about the situation in the Milky Way. He comes upon two terms in Terrania, which have been unknown to him up to now: Project BACKDOOR and the TERRANOVA Fleet. Both of them have nothing to do with the destruction of the Column-Fort, but Zerberoff continues to follow up on them, at least, because his Ganschkare half with the name Aroff feels a fascination for the Terrans, although Zerbone (the Mor'Daer half) would very much prefer to destroy Terra immediately. During his investigations, the Dual Captain notices an unexplainable mental contact with an obviously psi-talented Terran. Zerberoff decides to bring this human under his power.

Zerberoff’s presence does not remain hidden from the Terrans. Malcolm S. Daellian’s research team succeeded in identifying the typical emissions of the dark field. Thus Daellian gradually picks up the trail of Zerberoff, but the measurements are inaccurate and only exist over comparatively short distances.

Daellian calls for the newly improved Ultra-Giraffe, produced in cooperation with the USO, to help him. The new equipment is dubbed the 'Kantor sextant', because the idea for it came from Myles Kantor’s left over notes. It is substantially more precise than the Ultra-Giraffe, has a larger detection range, a wider bandwidth - and is above all far more compact than the clunky older devices.

On February 20, 1344 NGE Project BACKDOOR is completed: A transmitter line between Mercury and Maldonaldo, the innermost planet of the Vega system, is established. The BACKDOOR transmitter station on Mercury is enormous; ninety kilometers in diameter, with eight 1.5 kilometer-wide force field roads that will transport a massive container stream in the future. For the sun-tapping process, they use the old power plants for the production of the ATG field. Perry Rhodan participates personally in the first transmitter jump to the Vega system.

Meanwhile Zerberoff seeks out the Terran, with which he had several short mental contacts. It turns out to be Marc London, a nineteen year old Cosmopsychology student, who does not know anything about his psi-gift. It is through this gift that Fawn Suzuke (or rather the body projection of the young woman risen into the Nucleus) approaches him. London regards her as a completely normal girl and falls in love with her. Before Daellian can pin down the location of the Dual Captain, Zerberoff kidnaps the young student and disappears from the measuring range of the scientists.

Jerry Schneiderman 2005-10-30

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