2302 - Die Mikro-Bestie
The Microbeast
Hubert Haensel

The claw of the Laborats has perished and Zon Facter is free, wanting his revenge against the Dual Captain and the Terminal Convoy TRAITOR. However these goals are not attainable in the short term, so he first devotes himself to the search for the Siganese, having already seen one briefly before in his lodging.

The three Siganese suspect nothing of the events surrounding Facter. They are searching for a way to communicate with Terra. While Ashlon Fogel is meant to process the data which they have collected so far in the hiding place, Demetrius Luke and Dani Queenz proceed to a hangar to examine the "dark capsules" there. But they do not succeed in reaching into the capsules. At a weak moment, the pair devote themselves to their mutual feelings and kiss each other passionately. They are observed by Fogel, who has followed them since they left the hiding place. After all, he also cherishes feelings for the Siganesin, but the hurt minister behaves as though he had seen nothing. Now as a threesome they still do not find any way to penetrate into one of the ships.

Zon Facter discovers the three Siganese in the hangar, and observes them under the protection of a dark field. Apparently no one but him knows that the intruders use deflectors. Suddenly, many Mor'Daer march into the hangar and at first, the Siganese are sure they have been discovered. Suddenly the Dual Captain appears and something dark flies in the hangar. The Mor'Daer repeats the words over and over again: "Dark Investigator!". The Dual Captain moves towards the void and in doing so becomes, smaller and smaller until there is nothing left of him to be seen. It appears not to be an optical effect; rather it looks to Luke as if the Dual Captain has penetrated into a microcosm.

An hour after he left the ship, the Dual Captain returns, and the dark investigator vanishes again directly into the room. The Siganese recognize that the captain has brought back a storage crystal. They follow him and his army of Mor'Daer. Zon Facter remains behind, as he wants to receive the Siganese if they should come back. If however they should manage to eliminate Zerberoff, as he names the Dual Captain, this would simplify his planned revenge.

On the way, the Dual Captain applies the endogenous torture against some Ganschkaren, as he is apparently dissatisfied with them. Then, he continues on his way until he looks at the storage crystal in a conference hall. It concerns data about the Milky Way; 58 important points are specially marked in the holographic image, locations of the convoy's other forts. They sit near Arkon, Halut, Gatas and further important worlds. Then the holographic begins to apportion itself into small sections, and by means of lasers, pieces are created in the graphics. Since the holo fills the entire room and the Siganese are in the middle in there, Dani Queenz is hit by one of the rays, and it immediately is sets off an alarm.

The Siganese are discovered! In order to procure time for his two companions, Ashlon Fogel sets off on a suicide action. He attracts attention to himself so that the other two can flee. Fogel dies from an emitter-hit. After over twenty hours, the two Siganese manage to return to their hiding place. They are already expected there. Zon Facter waylays them and begins a conversation with them to form an alliance between the himself and the Siganese. Facter wants to go to Terra and to talk to Perry Rhodan. For this purpose, he opens one of the dark-capsules. Dani Queenz suspects he only wants to go to Terra in order to kill Rhodan. The Siganese stand before a difficult choice; can they really trust Facter?

On Terra, Bully reports to his oldest friend, who just gave a moving speech at Maurenzi Curtiz's funeral, that the BRIXBIE has vanished, the scout-cruiser of the Diana-class last reported at a position only eight light-weeks from Earth! Bull believes it has discovered the location of the Convoy Fort.


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