2301 - Im Kolonnen-Fort
Inside the Convoy-Fort
Hubert Haensel

Perry Rhodan is still depressed by the events surrounding the construction conference of nations. He sees no reason to look optimistically into the future; however, he must not be discouraged. The attack of the chaos powers, dubbed "Case almond bread" has begun, and the powers of chaos have reached for Terra. Much unexpected and hard work must be carried out in the Solar System. Together with Malcolm S Daellian, he proceeds to Luna. There, in the Zwiebus crater, the RICHARD BURTON is being prepared to embark soon for an expedition to Hangay. Also, the TERRANOVA fleet is being readied. A section of this highly secret fleet are the LORETTA-tenders, 6 kms diameter giant discs in the DINO-tender structural style, with spacers of the Discoverer class as a control module.

On the edge of the system are the three "stowaways": Demetrius Luke, Dani Queenz and Ashlon Fogel in the dark capsule of Zon Facter. The microbeast's leader is on the way to TRAICOON 0098, a column fort of the Terminal-Convoy TRAITOR. The fort is under the command of the Dual Captain and Zon Facter feels fear, an emotion that a microbeast ordinarily does not know. He fears his master when he thinks of the failure of his troop. The assassins of chaos have never before failed. However, this time the order was only partially fulfilled. In addition, Facter's deputy is proving a pain in the neck. Val Rabozo will stop at nothing to edge him out of the leadership of the troop. The Siganese reconnoiter the fort and discover it has roughly a double "T" form. Oddly enough, the whole structure seems to be twisted slightly in on itself. The three Siganese find out that the station is approx. 16 kilometers long, 11 kms wide and 9 kms high and consists of a Ricodin composite material. TRAICOON 0098 is still a huge building site on which immense building operations are taking place. Yong Dreq creatures are the workers. They are overseen by the bird-like Ganschkaren. The fort is commanded by the Dual Captain who seems to have arisen from the fusion of body halves of two beings. He has two heads: The saurian skull of a Mor'Daer (battle troops of the Terminal-Convoy) and the bird skull of a Ganschkaren (technicians}. On the base of chaos a strict order prevails. The Siganese monitor the com traffic and, hence, overhear the concept "Fractal-tear bell", which sounds anything but harmless. Later, the three also encounter the Mor'Daer, the guard-troop of the fort. They are discovered, but are able to flee. The Dual Captain orders the hunt for them and instructs the microbeasts to find them, because he is certain that the intruders must have been brought back by them.

Zon Facter has quite different problems. He has inexpressible headaches and to make matters worse still, the Dual Captain calls him to report. In the eyes of the hybrid being, the microbeasts have failed. He punishes all of the microbeasts for it with "the endogenous torture", which is a paragift he posseses, allowing him to cause excruciating pain to other beings by a mental process. However, he does not want to kill the microbeasts. After they recover from the endogenous torture, Zon Facter is once again attacked by his brothers and seriously injured. Val Rabozo uses this to advance to the new leader of the microbeasts. Facter is only glad, however that he has survived.

When Zon Facter awakes again, he only just makes it back to his quarters. The headaches get out of control. Long buried recollections surface within him. For each microbeast generated "in vitro" - the "claw of the Laborats" is implanted, making it pliant and loyal to the Terminal-Convoy. Facter's claw has stopped functioning, presumably from the injuries which he has suffered in the Solar Residence. However, Facter survives and also gets over a second report with the Dual Captain. Now Facter's thinking is free and he develops hatred for his present oppressors. Back in his quarters he notes a little green figure darting along the window. At first Facter considers it a hallucination, however, he then sees the Siganese again and remembers them from the conference. Has he himself allowed, perhaps, the strangers to penetrate aboard the TRAICOON 0098?

Cedric Beust 2005-10-02

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