230 - Finale für Twin
Finale for Twin
H.G. Ewers


Grek-1 is taken to the Moon where he is questioned by Rhodan. Meanwhile, the Akonids learn about the Sextuple system and demand that the Terrans remove their blockade from the transmitter. In addition, they gather a fleet of 80,000 ships to impose their presence in the area. On Grek-1's recommendation, Rhodan evacuates the Sexutple system and opens the way to the Akonids, but he boobytraps the Raum/Quinta station. The Akonids enter the Twin system and try to capture Raum/Quinta, but they then face a Maahk fleet coming from Horror, on its way to take on the Milky Way. Rhodan destroys Raum/Quinta, which indefinitely isolates the Maahk and Akonid fleets in the Twin system. The Akonids lose almost all of their fleet and won't be a threat to the Solar Empire for a long time.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

The Akonides learn from a Terran prisoner the position of the Milky Way's hexagon transmitter. On 16 June 2401 the Akonide commander Hat-Mooh reaches this solar transmitter with eighty thousand vessels and passes through it to the Twin System. In order to prevent a war Rhodan permits the Akonides to use the transmitter. He makes preparations for the destruction of the control station on Quinta and, upon the urging of Grek-1, withdraws the Terran fleet from the Twin System.

When the eighty thousand Akonide units reach the Twin System and try to conquer Quinta, they are attacked by thirty thousand combat vessels of the extensively superior Maahks and are completely destroyed. Grek-1 sees this attack as vengeance on the Arkonides who nearly destroyed his people entirely during the Methane War. The three millions Maahks are banished forever in the Twin System with the destruction of the station controlling the transmitter. Grek-1 now sees his people as slaves of the "Masters of the Island". He is now free and finally places himself firmly on the side of Perry Rhodan.

Michael P. Mahoney 2005-02-21

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