23 - Geheimschaltung X
Secret Barrier X
W.W. Shols

(1981) Tomisenkow suceeds in destroying R-17, and, heads with Thora toward the Venus base, hoping she will be his key to entry. Rhodan and Okura make their way separately toward the same goal, somewhat ahead of the Russian, whose progress is slowed by firefights with Wallerinski's rebel "pacifist" forces. Tomisenkow’s situation is further complicated by the arrival on the scene of helicopters, commanded by Colonel Raskujan. He is the ranking officer of the surviving remnant of the second flotilla of Russian spacecraft, which had arrived on Venus 11 months earlier. As Rhodan had predicted, "mutiny is an epidemic" on Venus. Raskujan has also rebelled and aspires to control of the planet.

Rhodan and Okura rejoin Marshall and search for a means to cross the 200-mile ocean to Venus base. Raskujan captures Tomisenkow and Thora. Rhodan and team are able to loot and destroy several helicopters from Raskujan’s troops, and set out across the sea in a captured, motorized life raft.

Mark J. Golden 2007-08-26

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