2299 - Ahandaba
Uwe Anton

2299 - Ahandaba Uwe Anton

After the battle for Sol was won, the humans calm down again and begin to process the recent events. On May 28, 1333 NGE the first meeting of the solar parliament is being prepared in the Solar Residence. There, Perry Rhodan meets with Maurenzi Curtiz, Gon Orbhon and the other immortals that are on Terra, in order to make plans for the near future. Atlan decides to leave Earth for the time being and go together with Zephyda to Jamondi. The former Protector says that he will accompany them and help them to deal with the matters within the former hypercocoons, in order to pay back a part of his moral debt. Besides Rhodan, Reginald Bull, Julian Tifflor, Homer G. Adams, Icho Tolot and Gucky remain on Terra, in order to lead the reconstruction process.

At the same Kantiran and Mal Detair wait for rescue on Parrakh. They are stranded there. The Kybb-RAM with which they arrived, was destroyed. Thus all they can do is hope for rescue and meanwhile observe the activities of the mad Nocturnen obelisk. It seems, as if it is slowly dying. The glaring light show within the crystal, as well as the mental pressure, has decreased over the last few days. But then the two of them bear witness as a cloud like formation lowers itself over the obelisk, which turns out to be Ka Than, the Autonomous Gray, who has come to Parrakh to heal its brother Satrugar. The merging of the two entities temporarily creates a painful mental pressure that knocks Mal and Kantiran unconscious. When they awaken, they feel a complete absence of the mental pressure. The fusion was apparently a success. The new Satrugar radiates a wave of peace and calm.

On June 2, 1333 NGE there is a crucial convening on Tan Jamondi II. First, Zephyda steps before the crowd of ten thousand Motanas before the Rogan cathedral. She holds a short speech and then hands over the talk to Gon Orbhon. The former Protector delivers a relentless report of his life, his fall and his time as the entity Gon-O. At the end of this report, he asks the crowd for forgiveness. The Motanas do forgive him, singing the Choral of Forgiveness. After the song ends, the six Sentries encircle Gon Orbhon, in order to call up the Paragon Cross and reconfirm him as a Protector.

Afterwards the new Protector sets up numerous meetings between the Motanas and the Kybbs. There are still numerous differences and misunderstandings to clear the path to reconciliation, but the foundation stone for a peaceful co-existence is set.

At the same time there is a hostage situation on Terra, in which two hundred year Neal O'Neil takes his own great-great-great grandson hostage and demands to speak to Perry Rhodan. The immortal comes, together with Mondra Diamond, to the location and must answer the question placed to him by the old man, of what he has done for Mankind till now. The old man makes Perry consider what he and the Earth has gone through for the past two hundred years, running the gamut from multiple mental and physical invasions where men , women and children died (including his), to the Simusense addiction and the circle mania of Goedda. Rhodan can only muse on the philosophical meaning of it all, but his answer satisfies the old man and he releases his hostage.

On June 6, 1333 NGE Gon Orbhon arrives on Gray Foam, in order to talk with Carya Andaxi about the future of the Protectors Order. She completely surprises him, leading him to the mysterious hatches in the depths of the ocean, some of them with a diameter of thirty kilometers. Inside them, she had hidden Protector Arks, which she had long ago ordered built. There are five thousand of these ellipsoid space giants of twenty-five kilometers diameter and fifteen kilometers height. The two decide to summon the races of the hypercocoons and leave the Milky Way with the Arks to search for Ahandaba.

On December 3, the two Protectors ask Perry Rhodan to meet them. When he arrives, they inform him of their intentions and offer to allow the Terrans to come along, but Rhodan rejects them. The Terrans will not abandon their homeland.

On December 6, 1333 NGE, on Parrakh, Kantiran goes to the Nocturnen obelisk, and asks the new being, which again possesses a very positive radiation, to show him Thereme again. The new being rejects the request. During the following dialogue Kantiran realizes that he has found a new friend in Satrugar.

August 3,1334 NGE: On Tan Jamondi II, when Zephyda goes to a meeting on the preparations for the large caravan, which is to begin its journey towards Ahandaba, it comes to a discussion over the Charon Cloud, a small star cluster in the center of the Milky Way, to which nobody has yet been able to penetrate. Because it concerns only thirty-six stars of people favorably inclined to the Order anyway, which were imprisoned in a hypercocoon there, the Protectors decide to ignore this area in their efforts to take all the races on the journey. Yet, Zephyda cannot help feeling that something is still not being said about the area.

October 10, 1335 NGE: In the Tan Jamondi system the caravan is almost ready to leave. Atlan and Zephyda meet for one last time. Atlan asks her to stay and Zephyda asks him to leave with her, but their sense of responsibility prevents either of them from giving in, so Atlan stays and the Stellar Majesty goes on the journey. Five thousand Protector Arks, one hundred twenty thousand bionic cruisers and the six remaining Kybb-Titans of the Parrakh system leave, with the six Sentries, the eternal gardener Orrien Alar Ancient Trummstam and the Paragon Cross.

On February 20, 1336 NGE Kantiran and Mal are still living peacefully on Parrakh, which has meanwhile been taken over by the Gurrads. Kantiran and Mal are working as animal healers. Rhodanís son visits the obelisk every day. It shows him the events, which are transpiring on board the ships of the Protector caravan.

On October 20, 1336 NGE, when they reach the edge of ESí thickness concentration, the Paragon Cross visits the Stellar Majesty in her cabin and informs her that it has selected her for something. With their leaving ESí sphere of power, the Paragon Crossí job, as well its existence as part of the superintelligence has come to an end. It has therefore selected Zephyda as its new anchor in the universe, for it needs this purchase in order to convert into a Koridecc butterfly. It is still able consecrate Protectors, as is shown a little later when Zephayda is made a Protector.

On June 16, 1337 NGE, Satrugar informs Kantiran that it has lost contact with the caravan, just as Kantarin sees Zephyda falling for a young Motana named Dalkem. Satrugar then tells Kantiran that the young manís time on Parrakh is over because a visitor is arriving to see him. When Kantiran leaves the obelisk, he witnesses a spaceship landing. It is a ship of the peace drivers that has landed on Parrakh and a human wearing a plain plastic mask exits it. When he steps before Kantiran, his first words are: "My name is Alaska Saedelaere."

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