2298 - Bericht eines Toten
Report From the Dead
Uwe Anton

In the Vega system Perry Rhodan collects his fleet for the final attack on the Kybb-Titans in the Sol system. It is May 26, 1333 NGE and time is burning under the nails of the Terran Resident. It is two hours before midnight and the technical engineers are still working under pressure on the installation of the new dissonance cannons, which had been retrieved with Operation " CRYSTAL STORM II " on Luna.

In vain Rhodan waits for news from Jamondi, from his old friend Atlan. Hyperstorms are still paralyzing the radio net.

On the spaceships the crews discuss the available tactics. Many of the ships are, on account of the risen hyperimpedance, only cannon fodder for the powerful Kybb-Titans. Some advocate Rhodanís using them, while others face the plans with skepticism and do not believe in the fact that they will be used by the Resident in battle.

Then it is time, and on May 27th at 1 o'clock standard time, sixty thousand ships of all size classes enter linear space, taking only twenty eight and a half minutes to rematerialize in the Sol system. So the day of the " point of no return " begins with a gigantic decisive battle in the Sol system.

Perry Rhodan leads the attack from the central cell of PRAETORIA. The smaller units of the Terran fleet distribute themselves in the system, while the powerful units with the dissonance cannons take up position in Jupiterís orbital lane. At first they do not succeed in luring all fifty-three Kybb-Titans from their positions, only luring two to move in the direction of Jupiterís orbital lane, while the fifty units around the sun and the Titanium over the obelisk relay hold their position. Certainly, the weaker Terran units watch out to remain beyond the known shortest firing distance to the Titans, but the Technites of the Kybbs have worked hard and optimized the maximum range of the weapons. As a result, the FRANCISCO DE ORELLANA is hit hard by a shot close to the sun. Aboard this unit is the detection specialist Dares Aramo.

In the first act of the battle the Terrans succeeds in destroying a Titan, but the LFT must blow the retreat for at least the weaker units. After only a few minutes, Rhodan orders the retreat for these units.

When it already appears hopeless to continue fighting, Atlan arrives in the Sol system with five thousand five hundred units of the Deathbringer fleet. And four hundred ninety-eight of these ships have Kyber-Neutros aboard, a weapon that had been developed against the bionic cruisers, but is also useable against the Titans. The battle luck turns, but the Deathbringer units are also set out of the fight by the K/Neutros. As the Kybb-Titans, which now all intervene in the meantime in the battle, they direct their attacks upon the Motana units. The pendulum of the battles turns over again. Everything has come too late. Certainly, the Terrans succeed in destroying twenty Titans, but almost eighty percent of the Motana fleet is also mercilessly wiped out, as is much of the Terran fleet.

But on Terra, near Vesuvius, the cell activator bearers there decide to explode the two Krakatoa probes, after the Kybb-Titan has left its place over Naples. And the two probes bring about disastrous devastation over the land all around the volcano. In all this destructive orgy Gucky and Icho Tolot dare to push forward one more time to the obelisk relay and free Gon-Orbhon from the claws of Satrugar. The powerful Haluter enters the crystal fragment and manages to save the Protector from the obelisk. Gucky teleports with the other two back to the storage hall which served them as a hiding place. When Gon-Orbhon comes around again, he is at first much too weak to do anything. He remembers everything that he has done up to now, and wants to help, but he is too weak.

Hell is reigning in space meanwhile. The FRANCISCO DE ORELLANA runs, as their engines are brought back up, not away, but into the battle. There it is hit by a grazing shot and nearly destroyed. Some time later it explodes.

As Perry Rhodan, wants to order the retreat, horrified by the carnage, the incomprehensible happens. The Titans begin to fire at and destroy each other.

The idea bringing salvation came from Gon-Orbhon, when he asked Gucky to function as a Psi-energy generator for him. In this way Gon-Orbhon manages to one more time turn the tide of the battle. He affects the Kybb-Titans which thereupon began to destroy each other. Meanwhile, Homer G. Adams succeeds in activating an emergency evacuation plan for Naples, so that a minimum number of people are killed by the eruption.

The battle is won, but the winners are nevertheless losers; too many people have lost their lives to save the Sol system. Altogether four hundred twelve DISCOVERERS, eleven thousand eight hundred sixty-six LFT-BOXES, four thousand one hundred eighty-three units of the Deathbringer fleet and most of PRAETORIA were destroyed.

Jerry Schneiderman 2005-10-30

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