2296 - In der Hölle von Whocain
In the Hell of Whocain
Leo Lukas

In the star ocean of Jamondi the Kybbs are not giving any great resistance to the Alliance of Morality. Zephyda and her Motanas have taken up residence in the Tan Jamondi system, along with two hundred fifty type II DISCOVERERS and five thousand LFT BOXES. The Stellar Majesty has set up her base close to the Rogan Cathedral on Tan- Jamondi II. Her affair with Atlan has fallen victim to the dullness of everyday life, which does not agree with them. The two are gradually growing away from each other.

The captured Kybbs are interrogated nonstop, but no hints are found that the cybernetic civilizations are in the possession of a weapon against the Kybb-Titans. As a Xenopsychologist on the LEIF ERIKSSON, Hajmo Siderip, informs the ancient Arkonide, a high ranking Kybb- Trake is ready to collaborate with the Motanas. Naturally not without consideration in return: the Kybb-Trake demands to be set free and given a spaceship. His name is Iant Letoxx. Atlan is completely ready to accept such a demand, but Letoxx does not really have anything to offer. However, because time is running out to save Terra and Sol from destruction (it is already May 22, 1333 NGE), Siderip works out a plan. Certainly, it finds little love in return from the armed forces in the form the chief of the landing troops of the LEIF ERIKSSON, Jallon Hypt, but Atlan is ready to reach for any straw. Siderip wants to look in the mega-city Whocain on Tan-Ice for the weapon. He wants to present himself in it as a cultural attaché of Jamondi and play a bit of the fool, so that the Kybbs do not recognize the true plan immediately. Letoxx should go along, also as an ambassador for co-operation. Certainly, the forger and swindler does not like this, but it seems to be his single chance, so he accepts. Going along with them will be Filana Karonadse. The Positronic specialist has changed a lot in the last year, having implanted cybernetic modules in her brain and eye and is thereby able to simulate the Traken-sense. A troop of space marines will take part, with their leader, the Oxtorner Gorm Goya.

As part of a distraction, the Terrans establish a gigantic frame which has the same size as a Kybb-Titan. They want the Kybbs to believe that the Terrans are looking for the architect's plans for these giant ships in Whocain, in order to construct one.

Letoxx leads the troop to Whocain, where they are quickly attacked, but it is a harmless attack, akin to throwing a tomato. Then, purposely misconstruing the meaning of `seeing the cultural assets on the planet' he takes them to a Kresoten ( animals similar to giant boars) hunting game arena, where Letoxx makes a fool of Siderip, who only notices this too late. He also barely escapes an assassin's attack, when one of the winning hunters is cybernetically taken control of and made to attack him. Gorm Goya manages to stop the assassin just in time.

Shaken by the attack, Siderip has them move on, flying to the cybernetic university to begin their real work. In the university the group discovers a hint of hybrid computer which come from the time before the birth of the hypercocoons and have not yet been reactivated. Even as Filana penetrates into the Kybb network, another attack is made, this time a gas explosion attack, which causes much damage and many injuries. Part of the troop is buried, a part of the university is destroyed, a marine loses his life and Iant Letoxx vanishes. Filana Karonadse escapes with a broken leg.

Back on the LEIF ERIKSSON the young Xenoplychologist is deeply depressed over what he sees as a complete failure, but just the tough Ertruser Jallon Hypt gives him a pep talk about how the fact is they are conducting a war and in war shit happens. The attack's were not Siderip's fault and the mission was working. They need to go back down and continue it as soon as Siderip has gathered himself again and Karonadse is recovered.

The message comes from Zephyda that the Autonomous Gray has sent a family of Schota-Magathe with the order that a passenger should be fetched from Mykronoer. The Stellar Majesty sends a bionic cruiser to the Myk system. The Oracles cannot say who the passenger is. All they will inform the Stellar Majesty of is the fact that Oceanic Oracles will no longer go to Mykronoer.

In the medical station Filana experiences something strange, when she is repeatedly spoken to by a voice inside her, while she is still in mental control of herself. This voice says that only Karonadse can help her. Filana may not believe it, but when the voice is able to control the force fields keeping her in the bed, which Filana could not do by herself, she decides to go along with the voice's command to go to a computer substation...

Cedric Beust 2005-10-30

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