2294 - Crystal Chaos
Crystal Chaos
Arndt Ellmer

Heavy vibrations run through the obelisk relay on Terra. The fragment of Satrugars body is continually changing its consistency and internal structure. Walls and corridors develop and vanish as if out of nowhere. Bully, Icho Tolot and Gucky are however shielded in their psi-prison from the violence. Nevertheless, in their misfortuneone cannot call the situation lucky . Gon-O's prisoners have not received food and drink for days already. When Bully and Gucky are close to death from it, Millitron finally brings the prisoners enough food and water to last them three days.

On the tenth day of the psi-thunderstorm the immortal's psi-prison cannot withstand the blustering violence any longer and dissolves. The cell activators succeed in escaping. Gucky must be knocked out by Icho Tolot, because he suffers too much from the psi-radiation of the relay. While Tolot looks for their combat suits, Bully goes to find Gon Orbhon. He would like to take the former Protector hostage.

Gon Orbhon is free for a short time from the influence of Satrugar. In a conscious moment, in which Reginald Bull buries him under falling down crystal, he reveals to Bull that the Kybb-Titans around Sol are heating it up to nova. He implores the immortal to get him out of the obelisk relay because then Satrugar cannot use his ability of mental dislocation anymore. The taken over Terrans would be freed. Before he can give Bull any further information, Gon Orbhon falls unconscious.

Since a hijacking of the Protector fits into Bully's plans, he decides together with Tolot, who has gotten back together with him meanwhile, to bring Gon Orbhon's body from Satrugar's fragment. Now they have to find a way from the relay.

The escape from the crystal fragment proves to be extremely difficult. The corridors of the obelisk relay constantly change and it does not seem to be possible. While Bull wanders with Tolot through the passages, he sees a projection of Kantiran as he holds deathwatch for his mother.

Millitron meanwhile notices that his lord has disappeared and takes up pursuit with the Moto-clones. It briefly locates the activator bearers before the exit with their hostage. While Tolot diverts the Moto-clone and defeats it in the fight, Bull brings Gucky out of the relay. Then he goes right back into the relay, in order to get the unconscious Protector. He comes upon Millitron, which he finally manages to defeat in the fight. But he does not find the Protector. He leaves the matter in the relay unfinished and meets Gucky outside, where he has meanwhile awakened. Tolot reaches them, and they teleport into a forest area in the proximity of Naples.

This is observed by Homer G. Adams and Mondra Diamond. They are glad over the fact that their friends have escaped, but sad that they could apparently not accomplish anything in the relay. Their hope now rests again upon the Krakatoa probes.

In the obelisk relay Gon Orbhon awakes from his unconsciousness. Shaken, the Protector, who stands now again under the influence of Satrugar, accepts the knowledge that his faithful servant Millitron and apparently both Moto-clones were destroyed.

Cedric Beust 2005-10-30

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