2292 - Dreimal ewiges Leben
Three Times Eternal Life
Michael Nagula

The effects of the 6D-shockwave sent by Myles Kantor on April 30, 1333 NGE towards the Greater Magellanic Cloud are not to be felt on Terra at first. The former Protector Gon Orbhon still stands under the influence of the mad Nocternen obelisk Satrugar. The Kybb-Titans continue to heat the sun, in order to transform it into supernova. Reginald Bull, Icho Tolot and Gucky are still in imprisoned in the Nocternen obelisk, which serves as a relay for Gon-O's mental impulses.

Tagg Kharzani, the dying Protector, reaches for any straw in his fear of his approaching death. To protect himself from his isolation, he had himself manufactured a synthetic reproduction of Enkrine, which he ends up trampling in a fit of rage exactly like he did his former symbiont. Because of the rapid decaying of his physical forces Kharzani can now move around only with the help of a micro-gravity neutralizer and crutches or in a heavily armed floating chair that he has produced. High-ranking physicians of his Kybb-Ttitan attempt to save his life by cloning healthy organs from tissue samples they take from him. However, the preliminary tests on these tissue samples appear to show a rampant cell disintegration that will make any cloning attempt fail. It also means that Kharzani's actual organs will soon begin to completely fail also and this cannot be stopped. Kharzani.

Gon Orbhon is not ready to help Kharzani any longer. He refuses to give Kharzani the cell activator chip of any of the three prisoners, because the Galactics might still be useful as hostages, and Kharzani could not use their personally calibrated chips anyway. However, Gon Orbhon cannot do without Kharzani, because he needs him to control the Kybb races. The Kybbs might not willingly continue to help Gon-O without Kharzani. Therefore Gon Orbhon makes Kharzani's second in command, the Prim-Director Deitz Duarto the new commander in chief and secretly has cyborgs with the appearance of a younger, healthy Tagg Kharzani manufactured, which will serve as puppets, as soon as the genuine Kharzani is dead.

When Kharzani learns of these plans, he runs amok. He destroys one of the cyborg doubles and tries to kill Deitz Duarto, but is arrested and taken back to Gon Orbhon, who orders his bodyguard/servant, Millitron, to shoot Kharzani. Just as Gon Orbohn gives the order, the relay begins to shake and the hypercrystal begins to shine brightly. A mental radiation that confuses one's mind begins to spread, and Gon Orbohn falls unconscious. This happens on May 04, 1333 NGE.

Cedric Beust 2005-10-19

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