2291 - Duell in Magellan
Duel in Magellan
Hubert Haensel

Aboard one of the Service Stations Kantiran observes how Ascari da Vivo blows out the hatch of the DRAGUUN and flees with a KYBB-RAM. Assuming the fact that his mother and arch-enemy wants to speak to Gon-Orbhon he follows her together with Mal Detair in the second RAM to the Parr system, in order to prevent this.

The pursued has an opportunity during the six minutes of flight to Parrakh to think about her past and her mission. She comes to the conclusion that she is doing the right thing.

As Kantiran's KYBB-RAM materializes in the Parr system, it is attacked, but with the greatest of efforts Perry Rhodan's son succeeds in landing on Parrakh near the Nocturnen obelisk. When they get out of their RAM, Kantiran and Mal Detair find out that Ascari and Qertan have already entered Satrugar's body. Shortly after, they resolutely follow their prey.

Inside the crystal both parties must fight against Satrugar's mental confusion, which also affects their thoughts. Kantiran has to particularly suffer from it on account of his latent Psi-talent, and has a vision that makes him believe he is talking to his great dead love Thereme.

This peaceful vision is violently interrupted. The parties confront each other and Ascari fires on her son, but misses due to crystalline distortions. Whether consciously or unconsciously, the Nocturnen obelisk Satrugar reacts to the foreign beings in his body, walls appear where there were passages before, and everyone becomes separated.

Mal Detair comes upon the Dron Qertan. It comes to a duel between the two, which the Fuertone finally decides in his favor after a long battle. But the danger for the former animal healer is not yet over, as the tunnel his is in is flooding with water.

As Ascari wanders through the Nocturnen obelisk in search of Gon-Orbhon, she is made to remember when she and the Imperator had the fetus Kantarin removed from her body and suddenly feels some sorrow for it. A bit later she comes to an area in the obelisk in which for inexplicable reasons her spacesuit heats up, so that she is forced to take it off. In the neighboring space she sees an apparently perfect looking humanoid being: Gon-Orbhon.

Kantiran also comes to the spot in which he must take off his spacesuit dress because of overheating. He enters the neighboring space and sees his mother trying to talk to the projection of Gon-Orbhon. When she notices him, the projection vanishes and it comes to a duel between the two of them.

It is a hard fought battle. When Ascari recognizes that her son is not to be easily defeated, she pretends to feel remorse towards him. But Kantiran recognizes her intention at the last second and continues bitterly fighting. Ascari finally falls and a crystal fragment bores through her body.

Kantiran finds his way out of the Nocturnen obelisk with his dying mother. There he finds Mal Deatir who has also escaped from the crystal obelisk through a tunnel to the lake. The Mascantin takes her last breath of life. Before the final end she directs a final wish to her son: He should hold the deathwatch for her.

They find the two KYBB-RAMS destroyed. Kantiran knows that he is condemned to inactivity. He holds the deathwatch for his mother and with it he forgives her.

Cedric Beust 2005-10-19

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