2290 - Daellians Kampf
Daellian's Battle
Michael Marcus Thurner

The RICHARD BURTON is still hiding together with the other DISCOVERERS in the corona of the Dyon sun. Only the VITUS JONASSEN BERING is still flying around in Magellan in order to pull the attention of Gon-O's troops upon it as best it can. The idea is to trick them into thinking it is the RICHARD BURTON.

When a spaceship launches from the single planet of the Dyon system, the alarm is given on the RICHARD BURTON. However, it rapidly turns out that the ancient spaceship whose engines quickly fail after the launch represents no danger. Malcolm S. Daellian orders RICHARD BURTON flown from the corona to examine the ship more closely. The scientific team under the command of Uturan Kook rapidly finds out that the DRAGUUN, as the one hundred and thirty meters long and fifty meters wide spaceship is called is a freighter, which had been transporting technical devices for the armed forces. As the convoy to which the DRAGUUN belonged was attacked thousands of years ago by Helix torpedoes and wiped out, the ship succeeded at the last minute to make an emergency landing on Dyon I. The DRAGUUN was stuck there, up to a few days before when the swarm order was sent out in the Parr system. Then it made emergency repairs and launched. Aboard the freighter two KYBB-RAMS are discovered intact, which are unsuitable for flight, because they are not reequipped for the new conditions of hyperimepedance.

When a radio message suddenly arrives in an old secret USO code, the cruiser EAGLE is sent to the indicated meeting place.

Meanwhile Daellian comes up with the plan to make the KYBB-RAMS flightworthy again with mini-HAWK generators and to sneak into the Parr system with them. Timm Kammschott , a brilliant technical engineer and scientist stricken with multiple phobias is to participate in the refurbishment, as is the Zaliter Trerok. But Ascari da Vivo sets the condition that in return for the Zaliter, she and her Dron bodyguard must be allowed to participate in the examination of the DRAGUUN. Daellian unhappily agrees.

When the EAGLE returns, it brings a great surprise along. Accompanying the spherical spaceship are two bionic cruisers. Aboard the GREEN MOON is Hytath, the Bleeding Sentry, who brings news of Atlan. After Daellian and his command crew have been informed about the situation in the Milky Way, Malcolm reports on the events in Magellan.

On the instruction of Daellian, Hythath returns with the GREEN MOON to the Milky Way, while the second bionic cruiser, the EYESIGHT, joins the fleet in Magellan.

Even as the KYBB-RAMS are made operational, the alarm is given again. The Ultra-giraffe has measured a substantial increase in the intensity of the jet ray from the Sol system. Daellian concludes immediately that the Nocturnen obelisk Satrugar will be overloaded by the raised energy supply, and sees the chance for the attack on Parrakh. He orders the immediate departure of the small fleet with its target as the Parr system. The DRAGUUN stays behind in the Dyon system. Daellian is induced to first launch two cruisers from the RICHARD BURTON for the protection of the freighter, when he realizes the crews efficiency is lowered by worry for the scientists on the DRAGUUN.

Arriving in the Parr system, the fleet discovers that the Kybbs seem paralyzed. Shortly after, all chaos breaks out, as Gon-O's ships begin to fire at each other. The fleet from the Milky Way proceeds with a short linear stage to the vicinity of Parrakh. Before the RICHARD BURTON can attack the planet, however, a Kybb-Titan positions itself in the way. After the DISCOVERER is hit by a salvo of the Kybb-Titan, almost the bridge crew including Commander Ranjif Pragesh is knocked out. At the last second Daellian barely manages to order the ship's computer to introduces an emergency linear stage, which brings the RICHARD BURTON to the edge of the Parr system.

When it is then discovered that energy volume of the 6-D jet ray is falling again and conditions are returning to normal in the Parr system, Daellian orders the retreat to the Dyon system. Since the direct attack was not successful, now he plans to use the two KYBB- RAMS to smuggle people into the Parr system.

In the meantime, Ascari da Vivo and her Dron Qertan had stayed behind on the DRAGUUN with the rushed departure of the RICHARD BURTON. Because Kantiran and Mal Detair are not on the freighter, the Arkonide can pursue her plans undisturbed now. She still wants to take up contact with Satrugar in order to forge a coalition between Arkon and Gon-Orbhon against Terra. Together with the Dron the Mascantin takes control of one of the two now reequipped KYBB- RAMS. However, to do so, they have to kill several scientists and space soldiers, among them Timm Kammschott. After launching, Ascari and Qertan set the KYBB-RAM on course for the Parr system.

Cedric Beust 2005-10-08

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