229 - Feind aus fremder Galaxis
Enemy From a Strange Galaxy
Clark Darlton


06 2401. Despite the loss of his fleet, Grek-1 wants to keep on fighting. But his tactics have now evolved: he realized he is not fighting against Arkonids (who are old enemies to his race) but against Terrans, against whom he has no desire for revenge. However, he holds a grudge against the Akonids, who are close to Arkonids. The hostility of the Akonids toward Rhodan convinces Grek-1 to ally with the Terrans. After many discussions via the mutants, he surrenders to the Terrans, but destroys his own ship up before doing so. At the same time, a strange phenomenon related to the special skills of the two wave runners induces the resurrection of Tronar Woolver.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

The mind of Tronar Woolver, freed at the time of his dematerialization in the duplicator of the Maahks, is propelled into the past, follows the evolution of life on the planet Morka and finds himself finally in the body of a creature of Morka. Upon the death of this creature he comes back to the present. While the double of Tronar disappears, the real body reforms itself in the duplicator of the Maahk vessel. Rakal Woolver jumps aboard the vessel, reunites with his “real” brother, and damages the energy shield generators with the help of his brother thereby permitting Pucky, Ras Tschubai and Tako Kakuta to teleport aboard.

When Grek-1, who discovers the invaders, flees with his vessel, the mutants destroy the ship’s linear drive. The Maahk Commander calls the Akonides for help but he ends up fighting them when they want to seize his vessel. An interview with Pucky convinces Grek-1, who is ready to commit suicide, to allow himself to be brought aboard the KHREST II. He annihilates his vessel along with its Maahk crew in order to prevent treason. After meeting with Rhodan he renounces his intentions to commit suicide and allies himself with the Terrans.

Michael P. Mahoney 2005-02-21

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