2289 - Der eiserne Finger Gottes
The Iron Finger of God
Gisbert Haefs

On a planet in the Parrakhon star cluster, the freighter DRAGUUN of the Orbhon Empire loaded with hypercrystals fell thousands of years ago, boring itself perpendicularly into the soil. Since then the natives of the planet have worshiped it as the "Iron Finger of God". A survivor of the crash told something about technology and space travel to the natives, who were probably descended from large feline like predators. This information was written down in the so-called "Iron Book", but the contents of the book were twisted by misunderstandings, repeatedly incorrect re-translations, etc., so that it no longer makes much sense. In the thousands of years since the crash on the planet, which its inhabitants call Dyonís Earth, a culture developed, which is comparable with the Terran Middle Ages. The brotherhood of the Iron Seekers has long striven to decode the secrets of the Iron Book, thereby however moving onto dangerous terrain, because the dominant priest caste condemns any occupation with the Iron Book as heresy.

The noble Geon Durn of Taraon is an outstanding scientist from the Brotherhood of Iron Seekers. He discovers by precise measurements that the city Grachtovan built around the Iron Finger of God is not by any means located on the equator of the planet Dyonís Earth and also cannot be regarded as the center of the world and/or the universe. When he publicly announces this and also that the Iron Finger of God must be a star ship, he thereby puts the existence of god and the need for rule by the priest caste in question. Geon Durn is arrested for heresy, tortured and placed on top of a bonfire, which consists of the shreds of his own writings. But rebels, who have already caused a change of power in the surrounding lands, attack Grachtovan at this hour. In addition the DRAGUUN, which had received the swarm instruction from its directing center, launches after having repaired itself with help of its freight of hypercrystals. When the alleged Finger of God rises from the planetís surface, the entire city Grachtovan is destroyed. That is also the end of the despotism of the priests. Geon Durn is barely released in time by his friends. For the planetís people a new, more liberal age begins.

Michael Roberts 2005-10-08

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