2288 - Notruf von Terra
Emergency Call from Terra
Arndt Ellmer

February 8th 1331 NGE: operating in the Greater Magellanic Cloud, the RICHARD BURTON has brought itself to security from its pursuers. Bré Tsinga has survived the psionic shock with which Gon-Orbhon wanted to kill her: the shock was toned down by the newest version of the PsIo-net developed by Trerok. The Cosmopsychologist is revived, and the organs that were destroyed due to the attack cloned from previously taken cells and implanted. Some weeks pass until her complete recovery, but afterwards she is free of Gon-Orbhon's influence. She is no longer a disciple of the false "god", but cannot remember anything of the time she spent under his spell. In a shipboard court Bré Tsinga is acquitted of the blame for the murder of two TLD agents, because she was not acting under her free will. However, this judgment must be confirmed within 12 months by a Terran court.

While RICHARD BURTON waits for the arrival of the second wave of the CRYSTAL STORM fleet, Malcolm S. Daellian gives Kantiran order to keep Ascari da Vivo under surveillance. The Mascant is hardly being seen outside her cabin, but in her place her Dron bodyguard behaves strangely in public. He even attacks the Ara physician Prak-Noy. With the help of the Dwarmari insects he mentally controls, Kantiran finds out that Ascari da Vivo sometimes takes off her PsIso-net. His assumption that she wants to make contact with Gon-Orbhon is correct: Ascari knows that Gon-Orbhon is interested only in the Terrans or ARCHETIM'S body, which is inside Sol. On her own initiative – without the order of Imperator Bostich- she developed a plan to offer Gon-Orbhon an alliance with her race, the Arkonides.

It is observed that enormous naval groups are being pulled together in the Parr system. A direct attack on the Nocturnen obelisk Satrugar would therefore be completely hopeless. Instead, under Trerok's leadership experiments are executed with the 6-D jet ray directed upon Sol. However, attempts to interrupt the ray, to interfere with it or to send a message to the Sol system over it run unsuccessfully. Some time later 10 DISCOVERERS and a LFT-BOX of the second wave reach the Greater Magellanic Cloud. Apart from that only 5 other LFT BOXES and 8 PONTOON tenders survived the journey, and they have established a bridgehead at Navo North. They immediately begin the exchange of worn out generators in the DISCOVERERS, and the LFT BOX is completely cannibalized. The ships are soon again fully operational, but the reserves must be nevertheless carefully divided if a return to the Milky Way should remain possible. On April 26, 1333 NGE they receive the emergency call sent out by Myles Kantor over the jet ray. At the same moment all the ships that Gon- Orbhon had concentrated in the Parr system swarm out around the Greater Magellanic Cloud. Because she herself gets no contact with Gon-Orbhon, Ascari da Vivo sabotages Bré Tsinga's PsIso-net. Certainly, the damage is quickly discovered, but it is unclear whether Gon-Orbhon has succeeded in bringing Bré Tsinga back under his control.

Malcolm S. Daellian gives his next orders. A DISCOVERER should pull the attention of the Kybb upon itself. The rest of the ships about whose existence Gon-Orbhon still knows nothing, should try to attack Parrakhon.

Cedric Beust 2005-09-24

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