2287 - Die Träume der Schohaaken
The Dreams of the Schohaakes
Uwe Anton

Now, Orren Snaussenid begins to touch the Incarnations stored in SCHANDAVYE and thereby sees the end of the Schohaake empire. After the end of ARCHETIM the Schohaakes withdrew into isolation, while the other races of Phariske-Erigons attacked each other. Then the galaxy was hit hard by an extragalactic foreign race which then systematically destroyed the Schohaakes and spared only Oaghonyr. In the final phase of their history the Schohaakes not only developed the mental communication with computers which was also used on the TRYPTYCH stations, but also executed genetic experiments on themselves. This is why some of the Schohaake Incarnations have two thumbs on each hand.

For Myles Kantor and his people the situation is coming to a head, so they reach for any straw. Using the equipment on ODAAN they manipulate ARCHETIM'S body in such a way so that a pulsed signal can be sent to Magellan over the 6-D jet ray. They hope to be able to inform the RICHARD BURTON in this way about what Gon-Orbhon plans for Sol. The plan has only one drawback: Gon-Orbhon can locate this Morse signal. The reaction follows promptly: the Kybb-Titans succeed in " homing in" on the TRYPTYCH stations and giving them a thorough shaking with shock wave fronts. Just in time the stations can be pushed deeper into the sun with correction engines where they are safe from the shock waves. The situation is hopeless. Either the stations must remain in their new position, where the protection screens will be overloaded in few days and break down or they have to emerge again, where they will be in range of the Kybb-Titans. Both would inevitably lead to their destruction.

Myles Kantor develops a desperate plan to at least not die senselessly. It is possible to manipulate the 6-D jet ray still farther and radiate enough energy over it that Gon-Orbohn may not be able to endure it. However, as soon as the overloading stimulation impulse required is fired at ARCHETIM, his body would "rear up", which would also lead to a violent thrust of solar activity – and that would be the end of the TRYPTYCH stations. The decision for this plan must be unanimous, but Orren Snaussenid does not want to die in this way. He flees into the hangar in which he had found the last Incarnation – and goes into the petrifaction machine. When Myles and the others follow, Orren has already become an Incarnation. Because the other crew members agree, Myles gets ready to send the stimulation impulse. But before he can do this, the stations are hit again by shock wave fronts. There is heavy devastation. Attaca Meganon and Inshanin are lethally injured and the statue computer station is destroyed. Myles does not hesitate any longer. He drags himself towards the detection headquarters where a functional computer still stands. He thinks he hears the typical Homeric laughter of ES and asks himself whether the superintelligence had regenerated his legs at that time long ago ( after Myles' legs had been destroyed in an attack) only so that he could now reach the detection headquarters. Anyway, when he reaches the room he activates the stimulation impulse. ARCHETIM rears. An enormous wave of mental energy races along the 6-D jet ray. The sun balloons and TRIPTYCH is destroyed. As Myles Kantor dies on April 30, 1333 NGE and his cell activator chip is destroyed, a light show spreads out in the form of a spiral galaxy which seems to enclose the Milky Way and then disappears. Now everyone that had seen this phenomenon knows that an immortal has passed to the other side.

However, Myles Kantor's death has still another effect. Before his end, the mysterious tattoo on his upper arm that ES gave him dissolved. It passed on the "voices" of all the Incarnations set up in the TRYPTYCH stations to the Schohaakes living on Terra. Now two thousand five hundred Schohaakes carry the whole knowledge of their race inside them. And thirty-five other Schohaakes retain the memories of Myles Kantor in this same way…

Cedric Beust 2005-09-18

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