Uwe Anton

All the Schohaakes living on Terra are having the same dream - they dream about an optical phenomenon in the form of a spiral galaxy, which expands with structural vibrations of the space time continuum, until it encloses the whole Milky Way and then seems to disappear - Myles Kantor and Inshanin explores their relationship and the TRIPTYCH stations. In both cases they have success: With the one are now a couple and spend some blissful hours together. With the other, with Orren Snaussenid's assistance, who the central computer of TRIPTYCH recognizes as a technician (unfortunately only with reduced rights), solve some of the secrets of the three gigantic knot shaped stations, which were set up twenty million years ago by the Schohaakes inside the sun.

First they learn the true names of the stations. Only DENYCLE (= Spirit), the station on which Kantor's team is currently, was accessible to Schohakke pilgrims at that time that wanted to visit ARCHETIM'S grave. DENYCLE had been fitted out magnificently as a pilgrimage site, and only here were the Incarnations set up for the public The two other stations, ODAAN (= Hand) and SCHANDAVYE (= Eye), served as practical technological centers and were not accessible by the pilgrims. Kantor's people discover a functioning transmitter system with which one (if a technician) can easily transfer from one station to the other, even under the conditions of increased hyperimpedance. Schohaake technology does not seem to be impaired by the change of this universal constant. Orren Snaussenid finds an Incarnation on DENYCLE, who must have been the last person processed. It is still located in the machine (a modified transmitter), with which it was "manufactured". In SCHANDAVYE, the Schohaake accidentally discovers a storeroom, in which further Incarnations are stored and some of them have two thumbs on each hand. Due to the bad experience that Orren had encountered with Mamor Ir'kham, he does not want to touch it, but still feels the pull emanating from it.

Meanwhile, the scientists figure out how to activate some power plants in ODAAN. ARCHETIM'S corpse, which one can locate with the station's sensors, is stimulated to a strange activity: The spirit of dead superintelligence seems to grope for the consciousness of the humans. This groping stops immediately, when the plants are deactivated. A radiogram is caught a little later from the MUNGO PARK. There is a battle raging in the spaceship! Gon Orbhon has brought much of the crew under his control, and the ship eventually falls into his hands. Now the crew of the INTRALUX is finally cut off from any assistance.

Then fifty of the fifty-four Kybb Titans in the solar system encircle the sun and coat it with hyperenergetic radiation fronts, which shake the TRIPTYCH stations heavily, when they are touched by the fronts. Inshanin discovers that Sol is being heated by the radiation fronts like back at that time with the Cappin death satellites. If this process is not stopped, then within the next six week's time at the latest May 27, 1333 NGE - Sol will inexorably transform into a nova. Gon Orbhon clearly hopes that ARCHETIM'S corpse will be thereby ejected with the nova explosion, and he can then simply "collect" it...

Cedric Beust 2005-09-16

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