2285 - Tag der Verkündung
Day of the Proclamation
Leo Lukas

Mondra Diamond can give a deep sigh of relief: the police glider that was seemingly disturbing Homer's rendezvous with his contact man is actually involved in the "deal": the Positronic modules are being supplied by corrupt policemen. Now the Circus Rochette can break down its tents in Vienna and go to Naples, where first of all a security checkpoint must be overcome. Everything is taken apart, but nothing is discovered. After the circus is put back together again, Homer, Mondra and the circus troupe are allowed in.

Meanwhile, Gon-Orbhon expands his terrorist regime on Terra. His power rests not only on mental influencing and naked violence – there are also more than enough followers who join him voluntarily.

On April 15, 333 NGE, the " Day of the Proclamation ",Gon-Orbhon personally appears and declares that the Terrans are worthy of becoming "his" people. He needs the Terrans, however, only until his true plans are realized. He wants to retrieve ARCHETIM'S body from Sol and send it to Parrakh, the location of Satrugar. This is also the real reason for why he has pulled together all the Kybb- Titans in the Sol system. How long the recovery of ARCHETIM will take, is still unknown. And that is why the Terrans should serve him as a defending race.

Due to some tricks and the application of their artistic abilities the circus is ordered to become the opening act for the " Day of the Proclamation ". The show - with which a volcanic eruption complete with lava surfing is simulated - is a full success. This is also true for Homer, because with the hover board which Mondra gets hold of during the show, he gets the last piece of equipment he needs for the realization of his plan, which he cannot be dissuaded from by the fact that Reginald Bull is with Gon-Orbhon, as he discovers during the show.

They break into a Camorra warehouse and procure for themselves the explosives which are demanded for Homer's plan. Along the way, Homer still care for some confusion with the Camorristas and Don Carreras, stealing a substantial sum of money which he gives to the ringmaster, Matti, who has been suffering under heavy financial concerns.

Subterranean probes equipped with the explosives are sunk with the help of the hover board into the shaft of an old exploratory drilling site not far from Naples, from where the probes will make their way, steered by Matti di Rochette's programmed Positronics, on their way to Vesuvius. They will reach their goal, however, only at the end of May.

Babett Bündchen, a high wire artist in the Circus Rochette, causes a short amount of excitement: the woman fell in love with Homer G. Adams. When he finally tells her that they must separate until the Earth is freed, she takes it as a complete rejection of her. Babett's crushed spirit is ripe for the influence of Gon-Orbhon and succumbs to it. Norman, the clone elephant, recognizes that she is affected, and pushes her into the shaft where she supposedly falls to her death. It is not known whether Gon-Orbohn got information out of her in time…

Cedric Beust 2005-09-10

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