2284 - Die Fliegenden Rochettes
The Flying Rochettes
Leo Lukas

On March 14th, 1333 NGE Carlosch Imberlock officially takes over power on the Earth as Gon-Orbhons deputy, and the Temple of the Gradual Decline is declared the new administrative center of Terra.

The cult of Gon-Orbhon becomes the state religion and the "god" begins immediately with his world-wide mental influencing of all the important personalities. The First Terran Maurenzi Curtiz also falls victim to this influence. All the state structures gradually become "turned". The faithful disciples of Gon-Orbhon mercilessly smash the stirring resistance of the " Group of Gentle Rebels ", which is just beginning to reform. The first resistance fighters are quickly unmasked – and promptly publicly executed. Since then not a day passes without executions...

The slopes of Vesuvius are being covered in concrete and altered into a gigantic meeting place for the Orbhon followers. Whole districts are set up inside Naples for the followers from the ground up. Imberlock seems to have recognized that his earlier preaching of the empire of death which will come with the appearance of Gon- Orbhon was not correct. Now he states that the "god" will submit the Terrans to a test. On the 15th of April he will decide whether mankind must be destroyed or whether it has turned out to be worthy of becoming Gon-Orbhon's people. What the Terrans must do to pass, however, he does not betray. Homer G. Adams and Mondra Diamond remain free from Gon-Orbhon's influence and manage to flee their pursuers, along with the clone elephant Norman, who can somehow tell when a person near him is under the influence of Gon-Orbohn. They take refuge with the close to bankruptcy Circus Rochette which has made a stopover in Vienna on the way to Naples.

Matti di Rochette, the ringmaster tormented by many financial, as well as private, concerns, grants Homer and Mondra shelter. Mondra even steps in for an injured tightrope walker and picks up her old circus artist past. While she quickly becomes the new attraction in the troupe, Homer cooks up a plan to carry out a blow against Gon- Orbhon. Matti di Rochette is an amateur geologist and possesses two „ intra-terrestrial probes". These torpedo shaped machines can dig through rock and head under their own control for programmed targets. Homer wants to equip them with explosives and cause a locally limited eruption of Vesuvius by which the Nocturnen obelisk fragment sunk into the mountain slope would be destroyed.

Unfortunately, the control Positronics required for it are missing; Matti had not been able to afford them. Homer wants to procure the modules and makes contact with the Viennese underworld for this purpose. Matti, who is supposed to program the probes, procures information about Vesuvius at a club of Viennese amateur geologists.

Unfortunately one of Matti's artists – Picco Lendlivé – was an early member of the " Group of Gentle Rebels ". By chance the leader of the local TLD section bumps into this information and has the man shadowed. One night Homer meets a contact man in a gondola of the big ferris wheel in the Viennese amusement park. Mondra follows him as backup – and she has in turn Picco tagging along, who obviously has fallen for the beautiful state secretary. Suddenly the big wheel stops. Homer is threatened by his contact man with an emitter. Mondra begins to climb up the frame of the big ferris wheel. Then two police gliders appear, which come to a halt directly over Homer's gondola …

Cedric Beust 2005-09-06

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