2283 - Zwielichtklingen
Twilight Blades
Horst Hoffmann

While the crew of the disabled INTRALUX is still worrying about the news from the MUNGO PARK, that forty-nine Kybb-Titans have arrived in the Sol system, the entrance bulkhead to the TRIPTYCHON station unexpectedly opens for Orren Snaussenid. Orren passes through it, and then the bulkhead closes again and remains locked. Orren walks through the station, admiring the magnificent facility and goes past numerous Incarnations. One of them, a black Schohaake, behind which two crossed swords hang on the wall, exercises a strange fascination upon Orren. He touches the dark figure and experiences the fate of Mamor Ir'kham.

Mamor Ir'kham was a field general of the Schohaakes, living in the fifth millennium since the arrival of ARCHETIM in Phariske Erigon. In this time the superintelligence was already battling in the area of the Negasphere in the galaxy Tare Scharm, but the retroversion had not been introduced yet. During Mamors lifetime terrible fighting still raged in Tare Scharm between the aide races of the Superintelligences and the powers of Chaos. The peace in ARCHETIM'S pacified Phariske Erigon was fragile, and warmongers like Mamor used the long phases ARCHETIM'S absence, in order to pursue their own goals. By proceeding mercilessly against all adversaries and with the help of the symbolic strength of the Twilight Blades - two golden swords from the time before the arrival of the superintelligence Mamor manages to take control over the whole galaxy as the Dark General, even occupying its capital world Oaghonyr. However, he could not touch ARCHETIMS CRECHE and the Clateaux of the Times.

After the cruel extermination of all his enemies with the exception of some rebels under the leadership of ARCHETIM'S FIST, Mamor's rule was not of long duration. Eventually, strange plant like beings, the Shatterblooms, appeared everywhere as harbingers of the return of ARCHETIM. They affected all intelligent organisms, taking away all their aggressions. After ARCHETIM'S return this influence became absolute. All the battling ended, as the radiant emissions of the superintelligence produced peace and harmony. Even Mamor was subject to this influence, but it broke his mind. As punishment for his hubris, he was conserved as an Incarnation.

Orren only manages to separate from Mamor's Incarnation with great difficulty and smash it with one of the twilight blades, before the terrible visions, which can seem to be transferred permanently from the Incarnation to him, can destroy his spirit. Then however he understands that not all the visions were due to Mamor's insanity - in reality, some of them were his own memories! He suddenly remembers that he was there in Tare Scharm during ARCHETIM'S fight against the Chaos powers and experienced hell...

For twenty days long Orren wandered through the station, until he reached the control center. A four meter tall gold colored statue of a Schohaake stands there and embraces him. It appears to be in control of the station. Orren takes up contact with it and manages to convince it to consider him and the humans of the INTRALUX as people authorized to use the station. Afterwards, the completely weakened small Schohaake must be medically cared for by the crew of the INTRALUX.

Cedric Beust 2005-08-26

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