2282 - Der Traum des Thort
The Dream of the Thort
Hubert Haensel

Perry Rhodan moves the complete Terran home fleet to the Wega system because he hopes for the support of the Ferrones living there. Certainly, there is a LFT base on Ferrol, but the planet itself is independent and associated only loosely with the League. The leader of the Ferrones, the Thort Kelesh, is far from happy about the presence of the Terrans. He fears that his nightmares will come true and the attention of the Kybbs will be drawn to his small empire.

The public opinion of the Ferrones is characterized by separatist tendencies. Two of his Ministers who even engineer an attack upon Rhodan would rather make a pact with the Kybbs. These are not good prerequisites for the negotiations Rhodan leads with the Thort and the situation gets even worse, as a reconnaissance craft of the Kybbs flies through the Wega system. The presence of the Terran fleet is therefore no longer a secret.

The nerves of the ships crews are understandably raw. Then the TRAJAN, the flagship of the USO, emerges in the Wega system. Monkey and Michael Rhodan, one of Perry's sons, have a gift for Rhodan: Some dozen of copies of the new dissonance cannon. They are supercharged interval cannons, which were reequipped for KNK mode.

Their weapon ray can be focused in such a way that it pierces even the strongest Paratron screen. A crucial advantage of them is their range: With five million kilometers it amounts to fivefold that of a transform cannon under the conditions of the now increased hyperimpedance.

Unfortunately extensive changes will have to be made to the LFT ships, so that they can hold the dissonance cannons - and this re- equipment work is possible only in planetary shipyards or PONTOON Tenders. The Thort, however, refuses to approve the stationing of the LFT fleet in Wega. He takes the sudden emergence of the PRAETORIA, ten thousand LFT-BOXES and five hundred Type II DISCOVERERS for the support of Rhodan as a further affront to the Ferrone's sovereignty.

This changes when a Kybb-Titan appears, taking a direct course for Ferrol and cannot be turned even by the powerful DISCOVERER units of the Terrans, their transform cannon fire appearing totally ineffective against the Titan's protection screens. It almost seems as if the Kybb are looking to humiliate the Terrans, because they ignore the Ferrone ships, but shoot dozens of Terran ships.

Even some bionic cruisers sent by Zephyda fall victim to the fire bursts of the Titan, without being able to resist it or doing the Titan any damage first. Not even the coordinated attack waves of the entire fleet supported by the PRAETORIA can impress the Titan. Only as the TRAJAN begins to use its dissonance cannon, is the protection screen of the Titan is weakened - then it explodes in an enormous explosion. All the debris dissolves in an atomic fire. The price for this victory is very high though. Altogether over one thousand Terran ships, including more than three hundred LFT-BOXES and forty- nine DISCOVERERS were destroyed. Even PRAETORIA is damaged: fourteen units of its eastern cross extension were destroyed. It is clear: The fleet could not currently survive against the concerted attack of several Titans at once.

On the good side, the horrific battle leads to a reversal of the Ferrones attitude. They recognized that the opponent is not invincible. The Thort understands that the war is already standing before his doorstep and that it is better not to have to face the threat alone. Therefore he puts the infrastructure of the Wega system officially at Rhodan's disposal. Now the beginning of the installing the dissonance cannons may begin. Time is getting short, because the Kybbs might already be working on finding a way to protect themselves from the Terrans new weapon...

Cedric Beust 2005-08-28

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