2281 - Sturm auf Tan-Jamondi
Storm on Tan-Jamondi
Arndt Ellmer

When Zephyda pursues some ships of the Kybb Cranar, which destroyed the ELGEDORN of the Traveling Besch Egh Larini, they coincidentally discover the planet Futhorn, on which after the Blood Night of Barinx hundreds of thousands of bionic cruisers were scrapped. The shock released by the discovery that the biotronic computers of the ships are still alive, but driven completely insane, makes Zephydas hatred for the Kybbs grow still stronger.

After this episode the storming of the Tan Jamondi system is prepared. Now that the Kybb-Titans have left the system, the Alliance of Morality wants to conquer back the location of the Rogan cathedral. All the operational bionic cruisers are pulled together for the attack, and Atlan calls in reinforcements from Hayok consisting of Julian Tifflor with the PRAETORIA and 5,000 LFT-BOXES. The problem is that the Kyber-Neutros are still in the system. Zephyda assumes that an unknown number of these uncanny weapons must be in the ships that guard the system. This threat must be neutralized before the attack.

This task is given to Atlan, Lyressea and the Shozide Deathgroup under Rorkhete's lcommand. They are to determine the locations of the Kyber-Neutros. Keg Dellogun's family teleports itself with the commando group to the TRAIL COURT 01, since the military center of the Kybbs is there. They are eventually discovered, and Atlan is even taken into custody, but Lyressea uses her ability to shape change to the point of total exhaustion and is able to retrieve both the Arkonide and the data on the Kyber-Neutros.

Now the attack can begin. The LFT-BOXES take care of the 298 Kyber- Neutro units because they are not affected by them, and then the bionic cruisers organize a merry skeet shoot with the barely armed Kybb ships. However, Zephyda cannot bring herself to be so pleased about their victory. The more ships of the Kybb that are destroyed, the more violently her conscience gnaws at her. Finally she understands that with her ruthlessness, she is placing herself on the same level as her enemies. Therefore she prevents the total destruction of the Kybbs and accepts the surrender of the Prim- Director of TRAIL COURT 01.

The Alliance of Morality achieved victory - but this success would be futile, if even only one Kybb-Titan should return. Thus the legendary anti-Titan weapon must be found. From the fact that Tagg Kharzani has such great fear of such a weapon, Zephyda draws the conclusion that he must know how it works. That means that Kharzani must have possessed at least one such weapon. Perhaps it is hidden on Tan Jamondi II, where even the Kybb-Traken take a wide curve around this planet?

Zephyda proves that she understood the consequences of the fall back of Jamondi into normal space: The star ocean is not an "island" anymore. She therefore sends two bionic cruisers and the Sentry Hytath to support the RICHARD BURTON in the Greater Magellanic Cloud. She also sends the Sentries Metondre, Eithani and Atjaa are sent to examine the other star clusters that may have fallen back into the normal space. Further bionic cruisers are commanded to go to the Wega system a call for help has arrived from Perry Rhodan, who is there...

Cedric Beust 2005-09-16

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