2280 - Exil der Orakel
Exile of the Oracle
Michael Markus Thurner

The final fall of the star ocean of Jamondi and the Arphonie star cluster back into normal space leads to catastrophic conditions: Whole solar systems are destroyed within both areas by hyperstorms and space quakes. The remaining foam opal of the Holy Mountain of Baikhal Cain explodes and sweeps the entire system of the sun Cain out of exitence. In the surrounding field of ten light hours not even rubble remains, and six Kybb Titans also were destroyed. That is the end of the last Motanas remaining on Baikhal Cain - however it is not the end of the approximately one hundred thousand Schota Magathes, which lived on the planet. They had been warned by an increasing psychic emission from the foam opal that tormented tem and under the leadership of the young Patriarch Bort Leytmark saved themselves by a collective teleportation to the planet Ios V. A little later Patriarch Dan Errithi also arrives there with his family - the message of the arrival of the Schota Magathes had spread quickly. Dan Errithi brings a message from the Autonomous Gray: All the independent races of the star ocean are to stand together in the fight against the Kybbs. The highest of all the Schota Magathe, the old Patriarch Goth Dungear, objects to this. He continues to hold to the doctrine of noninterference and invisibility. It comes to a struggle for power between him and Bort Leytmark, which the younger Patriarch manages to win.

Meanwhile the Steel Sentry Atjaa endeavors to make operational the bionic cruisers of the eight thousand unit strong fleet of the Deathbringers, which were hidden for the last twelve thousand years in the detection protection of the sun Kor. He is however missing suitable recruits to crew them. Therefore one hundred planets, on which according to the star catalog of the Traveling Besch there are Motanas to be found, are released from the Kybbs’ control. Afterwards the inflow of freed people, who are hardly to be held back in their enthusiasm and who let themselves be trained in an amazingly short time as capable cruiser crews and Deathbringers, is quickly secured. Two thousand five hundred Deathbringer ships can be taken into service by March 1333 NGE. The Kybbs behave strangely passive during this time, seeming to concentrate all their energy on adapting their fleets to the increased hyperimpedance.

Atlan and Zephyda meanwhile meet with Julian Tifflor at Hayok. Pieces of news are exchanged, and the assumption of the Earth by Gon Orbhon is discussed. Then the SWORD flies to Tom Karthay and unloads eleven Integrators they had brought along from Gray Foam, which are installed immediately in just as many bionic cruisers. Afterwards it is off to Ios V, as Dan Errithi brought the message of the exile of the Oracles. Zephyda and the six Sentries ask Bort Leytmark to join the Alliance of Morality and place his people’s teleportation capabilities in service to the Alliance as needed. They offer a new homeland to the Schota Magathes: Tan Jamondi II, the location of the Cathedral Rogan! Gradually the first Schota Magathe families teleport there, unnoticed by the Kybb armed forces, which still guard the planet. The Paragon Cross also returns to Tan Jamondi II, and the cathedral is put back into use. All of this is done under the eyes of the enemy, but the Kybbs do not react at first. On March 26, 1333 NGE after a radiogram arrives, which the Motanas cannot decode, all the Kybb Titans that were still in orbit around the planet fly off in the direction of Terra…

Cedric Beust 2005-09-16

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