228 - Die Rache des Mutanten
The Revenge Of The Mutant
William Voltz


Rakar Woolver eventually returns to the Maahk ship, fooling Grek-1 about his identity. He sabotages the Pulse Disruptor, which causes the Maahk fleet to materialize in the Sextuple system, where the Terran fleet is awaiting them. They are exterminated.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

The Terrans send to the Maahks a false message from their double saying that they can lock out the transmitter at Kahalo. The commander Grek-1 immediately recalls his agent and Rakal Woolver returns to the Maahk vessel instead of his brother’s double.

To see if the Terran blockage is already activated Grek-1 sends a small robot vessel to the planet "Horror" by way of the solar transmitter. In the Horror System, the Maahk fleet waits for the order to attack. Rakal Woolver, utilizing his wave runner faculties, destroys the Pulse Disruptor (Impulse Sensor). As a result, when the Maahk invasion begins on 19 May 2401, the vessels of the Methane breathers are surprised when they unexpectedly materialize in the Milky Way's hexagon transmitter. They can not free themselves from the transmitter’s strong gravitational field and are pulled into the gigantic stars. The waiting Terran fleet annihilates the remaining Maahk spacecraft that are not initially destroyed by the transmitter’s suns. After having damaged Grek-1's vessel so that it can not operate anymore, Rakal returns to the KHREST II.

After the failure of the Maahk invasion, Grek-1 no longer feels any loyalty to the “Masters of the Island”.

Michael P. Mahoney

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