2279 - Zeit der Schatten
Time of the Shadows
Horst Hoffmann

In the triptych stations which are accommodated on the border between the photosphere and the lower convection zone of the sun there are many thousands of "fossilized" Schohaakes. The two supposed statues which flank the hall of the hangar in which the badly damaged INTRALUX stands were also living Schohaakes. These people had access to a technology to conserve the bodies of living beings for eternity. Those so treated, called incarnations, are not truly dead, and if a person of the same race touches them, he experiences their life history as if he has experienced it himself.

Anyone of another race experiences nothing. Orren Snaussenid learns all this when he touches one of the two incarnations in the hangar.

The memories of the twenty million years ago "fossilized" Schohaaken Druben Eskuri are transmitted to him, and Snaussenid lives through these recollections as if they were his own, and lives through the death of ARCHETIM:

Until approximately twenty million years ago ARCHETIM was the ruling superintelligence in the current thickness concentration of ES, and the Schohaaked were its preferred people. ARCHETIM had its seat of power in the Milky Way, which had carried the name Phariske-Erigon at that time. ARCHETIM had ended an era of wars and pacified the numerous races fighting n the galaxy, when it took the aggressiveness away from them. Since that time all the people of the galaxy were always filled by the peaceful, warm presence of ARCHETIM. ARCHETIM'S residence was on the planet Oaghonyr in the Milky Way's center. Druben Eskuri had been appointed there as a chronicler. His father, whom he had not known until that point, and whom was an influential personality on Oaghonyr had set him up for it. The superintelligence was not present at this time. ARCHETIM'S CRECHE on Oaghonyr was empty. ARCHETIM had already left a long time ago with other superintelligences to an unknown area of the cosmos to introduce the Retroversion of a Negasphere there, i.e. to ensure that a transmission of information could take place by cosmic messengers that this area of the chaos again.

The return of ARCHETIM from this mission still took place during Druben Eskuri's lifetime. However, the superintelligence was very much weakened, or said more exactly: ARCHETIM had fought so hard that it was dying. It had clearly lost the biggest part of its mental substance with the successful completion of the Retroversion.

After ARCHETIM'S death, which threw the whole thickness concentration into despair, its "corpse" was escorted by an enormous spaceship procession to a sun, insignificant at that time -Sol.

ARCHETIM had picked Sol for this purpose earlier. The inside of the sun became the grave for the psi-material body of the superintelligence. Thousands of incarnations – among them Druben Eskuri and his longtime companion – were brought to the observation stations established by the Schohaakes, to bear witness to ARCHETIM for eternity.

Orren Snaussenid awakens and recounts all this information to his companions. They realize that they must find a way to penetrate deeper into the station to try and gain more information from the other incarnations…

Cedric Beust 2005-07-18

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