2278 - Brennpunkt Talan
Focal Point Talan
Arndt Ellmer

On February 8, 1333 NGE Gon-Orbhon's Kybb-Titan has attached itself to the jet ray connected with Sol and is flying directly to the Earth. Aboard are also Reginald Bull, Gucky and Icho Tolot.

Certainly, they are not yet subjugated by the mental influence of Gon-Orbhon, but have been trapped in an escape proof transparent container, which also blocks Gucky's powers. Two moto-clones are also guarding the container. When the Kybb-Titan appears four weeks later in the Rosy Dawn sector, he is registered by one of the outer relays of the new hyperradio relay, and the message is passed on immediately to the Earth. Homer G. Adams alerts the fleet and declares a system alarm, because the course of the Kybb-Titan is clear. The Aarus recognize the signs of the time and leave the Sol system. The Orbhon supporters also prepare for the arrival of their "god". Thousands of them flow out onto Vesuvius where a hole has been dug into the mountain slope that is double the size of the Temple of the Gradual Decline.

The Arphonie star cluster materializes on March 12, 1333 NGE Terrania-standard time in normal space, which corresponds to the Arphonie time October 6, 1332 NGE. Rhodan and Atlan have lost a good five months. While Atlan and Zephyda stay with the remainders of the Shozide fleet, in order to fly to Gray Foam to protect the Paragon Cross and Carya Andaxi (no trace is to be seen of the Hyperdimos since the return fall of the star cluster), Rhodan leaves with General Travers and the ELEBATO for Terra to warn the people about Tagg Kharzani and his forty-eight Kybb-Titans that are already on the way to the Sol system. The ELEBATO is delayed by the chaos in the star reef in the Antares sector and only arrives near the Sol system when there are already approximately sixty-eight thousand units of the LFT fleets (a full half of them though, are not yet fully operational – the raised hyperimpedance did a lot of damage) and the Kybb-Titans are facing off.

On March 13, 1333 NGE Gon-Orbhon makes radio contact with Adams and requires the delivery of the Talan system. As if on command, Tagg Kharzani's forty-eight Kybb-Titans appear to lend backing to his demand. Adams gives the fleet the attack order, but this is not passed on by LAOTSE, the computer of the Solar Residence, because at the same time a radio message has arrived from Perry Rhodan. The Resident has ordered the retreat of the whole fleet, because he knows the gigantic superiority of the Kybb-Titans. Therefore 'Crisis Case Carthage' is announced for the second time in the history of the LFT: Adams announces the surrender and the Earth is prepared for the assumption of power by a hostile power. Gon- Orbhon declares Talan – the Earth – his new homeland and sinks the gigantic fragment of the Nocturnen obelisk Satrugar into the hole near the Temple of the Gradual Decline. Mondra Diamond and Adams' new security robot Scorchy (based on the body and personality of Sotho Tal Ker and Skorsh) are in the crowds around Vesuvius.

Carlosch Imberlock now clearly has the upper hand. His "god" has arrived as prophesized and is satisfied with the choice of the site for his domicile. Homer G. Adams, however, completely correctly recognizes that mankind is completely unimportant for Gon-Orbhon – all that matters to the former protector is the sun or what hides itself inside of Sol. Now all the hopes of mankind are focused upon the sun diver-expedition, but till present there is still no news from the INTRALUX…

Cedric Beust 2005-07-10

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