2277 - Die Macht der Sekte
The Power of the Sect
Michael Nagula

Carlosch Imberlock comes to Homer G. Adams with an unusual demand. Since the Gon Orbhon sect is continuing to grow, it needs space for the building of a large meeting place, in which all of the Orbhon followers can meet. There is no such building site of this size in all of Terrania, but Imberlock has already found an alternative, which he considers appropriate: Mount Vesuvius! Adam consents to it because he hopes that peace will finally return to Terrania, if the Orbhon followers have left the city. Also, with all the followers in one place, it will be easier to keep an eye on them.

However, there is already a tenant on Vesuivus: Don Miguele Carreras, the head of the new Camorra of Naples. Carreras came to be the head of this criminal clan with the help of the Galactic Guardians and is in the middle of a struggle for power with another clan. It comes to light that there is an alliance between Imberlock and this other clan. The lease for Vesuvius is handed over to the Orbhon followers by the government of Terra, and soon large scale construction begins, which change the face of the Vesuvius. In addition the Temple of Gradual Decline in Terrania is taken apart and put back together on the slopes of the volcano.

Mondra Diamond, who is on the scene on Admas' order for the TLD, cannot do much more than observe all this. The situation for Barto Datone, a former Camorrista and tourist guide on Vesuvius is very bad. He loses his guide job and is ground beneath the wheels of the Cammora chief, when he creates a protest movement for Don Carreras against the Orbhon followers. It turns out that Carreras was setting him up as a fall guy to prove to Imberlock that he has the whole city under his control, not the rival clan. He frames Barto with forgery of a document that claims the work on Vesuvius will make it erupt and thereby dirties the image of the protestors. At the end, Barto stands there as a traitor to the homeland and in Naples and the nearby environs, they now receive the Orbhon followers with open arms...

Cedric Beust 2005-07-10

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