2272 - Sturm auf Graugischt
Storm on Gray Foam
Hubert Haensel

An enormous fleet of cylinder discs and other heavy units of the Kybb has gathered above Carya Andaxi's world Gray Foam. Perry Rhodan certainly finds the fact that no Kybb-Titans emerge to be peculiar, but it gives no occasion for hope, because most of the T- cruisers that the Alliance of Morality disposes of are manned only inadequately and would not be able to perform resistance to the Kybb fleet for long. It is all the more strange to Rhodan that the powerful fleet has not already attacked. The enemy seems to anticipate that Carya Andaxi still has a trump up her sleeve. In fact, the Protector is busy opening ancient depots that are on the sea bottom. In one of them is hidden Carya Andaxi's Protector-Bearer spaceship. This cylindrical ship coming from the Cosmocrat's shipyards represents, on account of its size and superior armament, a power factor not to be underestimated, although it is, like all other spaceships, being affected by the raised hyperimpedance. In another hangar on the bottom of the sea is an enormous hangar in which thousands of bionic cruisers are parked. At present, unfortunately, there are no Motana crews available for them - besides, Carya Andaxi believes that these ships are meant for the journey to the land Ahandaba.

However, in the hangar there are also innumerable "Integrators". These beings, for which there is a special workplace found in every bionic cruiser, are miniature editions of moto-clones. According to Carya Andaxi the efficiency of a bionic cruiser is raised by ninety- five percent with the use of one, i.e. only with an Integrator can such a ship reach its true performance potential. Zephyda takes some of these artificial creatures, but she warns Carya Andaxi: the Integrators were developed from the Kybb constructs and in earlier times the Kybbs could bring every Integrator under their control - if they could still do this today, they could take over practically every bionic cruiser in which an Integrator is used. One can only hope that the Kybbs are not still able to do this today.

The commander of the Kybb fleet above Gray Foam is a Prim-director Deitz Duarto, a Kybb from the Rodish, a race that is becoming extinct. He controls his subordinates, while he hides his exterior behind a distortion field and a holographic mask. An exoskeleton and other technical aids make him a very powerful being in the eyes of his subordinates. In reality the Rodish have degenerated physically, in favor of the development of their mental abilities. Duarto waits to give the attack order until the fleet is complete, because Tagg Kharzani has forbidden the application of Kybb-Titans The fallen protector fears that Carya Andaxi could be in the possession of a special Anti-Titan weapon. Certainly, the Protector knows that such a weapon does actually exist, but her Bearer is not equipped with it and she does not know what it actually is.

When the Kybb finally attack, the SWORD can show what it is capable of with an Integrator aboard. All the systems, Sources and the Deathbringer work with extremely increased efficiency and power: the SWORD destroys as many Kybb unities as all theT-cruisers put together. Because the defense forts bound to the ground on Gray Foam can be reactivated just in time, the advance of the Kybb is brought to a standstill for a while. Nevertheless, it comes to heavy devastation on the planet. The submarine architects are not able to handle the Protector-Bearer properly. Certainly, the ship starts, but cannot be brought under control and is of no help in the space battle. When the third attack wave of the Kybb threatens to break out, the ELEBATO suddenly emerges. Atlan's T-cruiser, thought destroyed, does not return alone: tens of thousands of Hyperdimos follow him and arrange a slaughter among the Kybb ships. However, they also radiate the Protector-Bearer into hyperspace luckily, Carya Andaxi was not aboard.

The remaining ships of the Kybb withdraw, but it is a Pyrrhic victory for the defenders: four fifths of the T-cruisers were destroyed, the Protector-Bearer is lost and most of the ground defense forts have been destroyed. The Hyperdimos still guard the planet, but when Arphonie falls back into normal space, the Taphero con Choth will have to say goodbye. Nevertheless: Perry Rhodan, Atlan and Zephyda can celebrate a cheerful reunion and in response to a question, moto-clone 109 declares that it has extensive information about Castle Kherzesch and Tagg Kharzani

Cedric Beust 2005-06-01

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