2271 - Station im Hyperraum
Station in Hyperspace
Uwe Anton

Atlan is not dead. Certainly, the ELEBATO on which he is was radiated by the attack of a Hyperdimo into hyperspace, but it was not destroyed in the process. After a vision, in which Atlan believes to see the Cosmocrat Taurec, the Hyperdimo makes mental contact with the Arkonide. The energy being is by no means an unintelligent animal, but the leader of a people of intelligent beings called the Taphero con Choth. Ishkeyda, as their leader is named, has recognized Atlan's Knight's aura and considers him off limits because the Taphero have had dealings with Cosmocrat servants before and came within an inch of being exterminated by them. To avoid trouble, the ELEBATO has been taken to a gigantic stable hyperspace bubble in which innumerable Taphero stop, and is brought by Ishkeyda to a space station by the name of TIMBADOR where other "victims" of the Hyperdimos live. Power here lies in the hands of the humanoid Xipatio. These furred beings exploit all the other "shipwrecked" races.

They have a special deal with the Taphero. While the Taphero do live in all parts of the galaxy – or better said: in hyperspace – they must visit normal space for the purposes of reproduction. They are sighted so often in Arphonie because this normal space star cluster is in a hypercocoon and therefore to be reached much more easily by them. In addition, the Castle Kherzesch strongly radiates hyper-radiation and serves the Taphero as a kind of beacon. During reproduction the Taphero consider everything that moves in space as a threat. Therefore, they attack all spaceships.

In their energy based bodies the Taphero produce material waste products by which they are immobilized. So that this does not happen, they allow themselves to be "milked" by the living beings on TIMBADOR. An essential component of this waste product is the valuable piezoelectric crystal Howalgonium. And this is where here the Xipatio come into the game: They force the "shipwrecked" races to do the work, but never go close to the Taphero themselves, because the radiation of the waste product is extreme toxic.

Atlan's appearance releases violent disturbances on TIMBADOR, because he recognizes that the metabolic processes of the Taphero have changed because of the raised hyperimpedance. The waste product draws off too much energy from them and, therefore, they suffer from symptoms a deficiency disease. Atlan finds a solution for this problem, which has already accepted life threatening proportions for the Taphero: the energy beings must, as disgusting as it may be for them, digest a part of their eliminations once again…, however, this will suck away the main source of the Xipato's income. This automatically makes Atlan their enemy.

At the same time, the suppressed workers attempt a revolt, after Atlan has guaranteed them his support. With the help of fighters from the Shozide Iron death group, the Xipatio and their cyborg thugs are defeated. But most of the Xipatio escape, because of what nobody knew: There are some transmitters on the station with which one can reach normal space! In this way the Xipatio could take their harvest of Howalgonium with them also. However, with their flight the Xipatio seem to have all the transmitters unusable. Therefore Atlan is stuck on TIMBADOR.

Luckily, there is still the grateful Taphero con Choths. Ishkeyda is not only ready to bring the ELEBATO back to normal space, but also guarantees that the Hyperdimos will attack no more ships of the Alliance of Morality any more, but still go after all Kybb units. In addition, Ishkeyda gives Atlan a piece of specially prepared Howalgonium. If he destroys this object, all the Taphero feel it. In this Atlan can call them for help when he needs them.

Cedric Beust 2005-05-25

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