2270 - Verrat auf Graugischt
Betrayal on Gray Foam
Arndt Ellmer

While Perry Rhodan mourns for Atlan, the submarine architects of Gray Foam try to find out how dangerous moto-clone 109, which is floating in solar orbit, still is. It is not ready to cooperate and if robots come close to him, he shoots them. Remo Quotost finds out that 109 taps energy from the psionic net in the same way as the bionic cruisers do. This disconcerting knowledge, though, is used to finally render the moto-clone harmless: They establish a cover of bionic cruiser wings all around it and sucks all its energy out with them. The artificial being, now helpless, is disassembled, minutely examined, reprogrammed and then put back together. Moto-clone 109 now stands on the side of the Alliance of Morality as an offensive battle unit under Zephyda's command.

This success becomes meaningless though, when a fleet of more than two thousand Kybb battleships appear outside Gray Foam's orbit. Submarine architect Schandor Aquist, Quotosts deputy, is to be thanked for this. He had used the remains of an old radio-relay system distributed about Arphonie to secretly make contact with the Kybbs. He had been of the naive opinion that one just needed to make a peace offer to their opponent. Indeed, he was also ready to deliver all the Shozides and Carya Andaxi to make it clear that Gray Foam is of no more danger for Tagg Kharzani. However, Aquist must soon find out that the Kybbs will not consider sparing Gray Foam at all. Aquist dies in a Surfer transport accident. When the Kybb fleet gets closer, the whole magnitude of Aquist's betrayal becomes clear. He has betrayed the codes for deactivating the land based defense forts to the Kybbs, because their guns will not fire now!

The two hundred available Shozide T-cruisers launch, but they will not be able to hold for long against the far superior force. It is only a question of time, before Gray Foam will fall...

Cedric Beust 2005-05-19

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