227 - Der Duplo und sein Schatten
The Duplo And His Shadow
William Voltz


Grek-1 executes a stratagem involving an Akonid ship and sends Tronar's clone to Kahalo. But Grek-1 isn't aware that Rakar saw the multiduplicator and knows that his brother died on the ship. The Terrans neutralize the fake Tronar and Rakar takes his place. Meanwhile, on the Maahk ship, Grek-1 is setting up a huge Pulse Disruptor, which should be able to materialize a whole Maahk fleet within the Milky Way.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

Worried by the mysterious arrival of Tronar Woolver aboard his vessel, Grek-1 hesitates to send the signal initiating the invasion of the Maahks. Instead of that he sends the Woolver double aboard a captured Akonide vessel. The double destroys this vessel and leaves it just in time to be rescued by the Terrans. He states that he had been abducted by the Akonides. Rhodan, Atlan and their collaborators hide from the false “Tronar” that his cover has already been blown. They know he is Tronar’s double and a Maahk spy. Rakal Woolver must come back to the Maahk spy in his room.

Michael P. Mahoney

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