2267 - Ich, Gon-Orbhon
I, Gon-Orbhon
Leo Lukas

On February 8, 1333 NGE Gon-Orbhon, whose body has resided for millennia within the Nocturnen obelisk Satrugar and whose spirit had merged with the insane obelisk's consciousness, finally awakes – namely earlier than Satrugar. With his awakening the former Protector gets back memories which have been buried since before his being found by the Sentry Lyressea. Rather unconsciously Gon-Orbhon projects the flood of memories in the spirit of Bré Tsinga on the RICHARD BURTON. The Cosmopsychologist serves virtually as a medium and verbalizes Gon-Orbhon's memories.

Gon-Orbhon is an artificial being from the gene smithies of the Cosmocrats. He is a being of the same kind like the Seven Mighty and in a probably millennia-long process Gon-Orbhon is trained to be a potential spore ship-commander – a substitute, in with case one of the Mighty should be killed. The education takes place in one of at least nineteen Cosmiturnities, a bizarre training location hidden in a hyperspace bubble, where Gon-Orbhon is the single student and which he finds out in the course of time, consists of a single gigantic living being. The Cosmitunities compete with each other, as only the best pupil is accepted by the Cosmocrats. Although Gon- Orbhon learns everything what one could know about the Multiversum, and although he discovers his ability of "mental dislocation", with which he can bring intelligent beings under his control, he threatens to fail the selection procedure. Because he does fears (probably not unjustifiably) that the Cosmocrats would simply destroy him in the case of his failure, he flees from the Cosmiturnity. Although he succeeds, he irrevocably loses all that knowledge which he has collected up to that point in time. This includes all his memories. In this state, Lyressea found him flying in space in the survival capsule.

The rest is history: with the attempt to save the dying Nocturnen obelisk Gon-Orbhon's spirit merges with Satrugar. The resulting mental being goes insane, Gon-Orbhon's body remains in the obelisk and is kept alive by a cybernetic servant. Gon-O/Satrugar decides that he must become more powerful than anything that could ever threaten to put him in mortal danger again. This is why he decides he must become a superintelligence. With the help of fragments of the Nocturnen obelisk, which serve him as a relay, he brings one race after the other under his control. He lures Tagg Kharzani with the offer to make him immortal. He is instigated by an envoy of the Chaos powers to face off against ES and is pointed towards to the "corpse" of ARCHETIM, which henceforth serves him as an energy source. The counterblow by ES, the banishment into the hypercocoon, comes unexpectedly for Gon-O/Satrugar and he lapses into a coma.

After the hypercocoon fails, he awakes and after the recovery of his memories Gon-Orbhon suddenly finds himself in his original body. Because Satrugar has not completely awoken yet, Gon-Orbhon decides to try to get away and get control of his own life. He begins to run for the exit from the obelisk, and when he does not succeed in getting out, attempts committing suicide. But Satrugar is now also completely awake, and forces Gon-Orbhon's spirit to merge again with the Nocturnen obelisk. They again fall completely into their insane state. Gon-O/Satrugar Immediately gets down to shipping a particularly large fragment of the obelisk, together with the humanoid body of the former Protector, in a Kybb-Titan to Terra. The captured spies Reginald Bull, Icho Tolot and Gucky are also taken along. Then Gon-O/Satrugar notices the connection with Bré Tsinga, sends some ships out to its location and takes out his follower with a psionic shock, due to which the whole crew of the DISCOVERER also temporarily loses consciousness. Only Specter, hidden in the computer network of the RICHARD BURTON remains capable of acting and steers the ship from the danger zone, before the ships sent out by Gon-O/Satrugar arrive.

At 21:48:07 o'clock shipboard time on August 2,1333 NGE Bré Tsinga is taken to the medical station and declared dead. Malcolm Scott Daellian, leading expedition leader, orders the RICHARD BURTON to wait for the rest of the Terran fleet to arrive in the Greater Magellenic Cloud, but it is already a week late.

Cedric Beust 2005-04-28

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