2264 - Die verlorene Schöpfung
The Lost Creation
Uwe Anton

In the Greater Magellanic Cloud (or Parrakhon star cluster) the RICHARD BURTON pursues Gon-Orbhon's 6-dimensional jet ray up to its point of origin. Or at least almost, because the origination point of the ray, the Parr system, is completely wrapped up in an energy screen of an indefinable nature. In the nine planet system several huge ships are observed which carry a cube shaped object with 500-meters of edge length outside through a gap in the energy screen.

From radio messages caught, they learn that the gigantic ships are called Kybb-Titans. The smaller object receives a push, which rockets it away at a speed of 3000 kms / sec, so that it quickly moves away from the Par system without engines of its own. Afterwards, the Kybb-Titans immediately withdraw again behind the energy screen. The omnipresent Helix torpedoes, which react to all energy developments typical for ships are clearly a danger for Gon- Orbhon also.

Ascari da Vivo and her bodyguard Qertan, using access codes blackmailed from a crewman of the RICHARD BURTON select themselves a Stealth-Shift and fly with it to the cubic artifact. Reginald Bull follows them with another Shift, taking along Kantiran, Trerok, Daellian and a space soldier - plus, the man whom he suspects as the betrayer blackmailed by Ascari. Because of the detection danger only low acceleration values may be used, therefore, the flight lasts two days. Already on the way Kantiran catches the mental message of an entity that must be in the artifact. When the team penetrates the cube, Kant is separated from the group. Again he receives contact with the unknown being. It appears to him in various holo- projections and continues to mentally communicate with him. The good- natured being basically knows nothing about itself except for the fact that it was created to destroy. Bull and his people find out meanwhile that the cube is nothing less than a practically cobbled together conglomerate of extremely highly competitive energy producers and virtual reality projectors.

When the equipment of the cube becomes booted up, the anonymous being insists that the Galactics should leave. Together with Ascari and Qertan they leave the artifact – after the Dron shoots the betrayer, under the guise of defending Kantiran, so that nothing can be revealed. From the Shift it is observed how the cube changes into a huge detection beacon. The purpose of the whole thing: To attract the Helix torpedoes. This works out well - too well for the RICAHRD BURTON, which retrieves the Shift at the last second. Tens of thousands of energy torpedoes appear, rush at the beacon and explode, until presumably thewhole star cluster is cleaned of them. The RICHARD BURTON is too close to this spectacle; the greater parts of their so urgently required stocks of hypercrystal are changed to dust by the hyperenergy development of the explosions. Bull follows a suggestion of the Gurrads and takes course for their home world Roewis after leaving an observer ship in place. The mass explosion still has the second apparent side effect, which was certainly also not included in Gon-Orbhon's plan: The protective screen of the Parr system has broken down.

Cedric Beust

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