2262 - Der Submarin-Architekt
The Submarine Architect
Arndt Ellmer

The SWORD is brought to the "real" planet Gray Foam. Here live the people of the Toron Erih, who are also known as submarine architects. In the depths of the oceans of Gray Foam, which cover ninety percent of the planet, are not only enormous cities of the Toron Erih and the Shozides, but also manufacturing facilities in which the T-cruisers are produced today. In earlier times the bionic cruisers were made here. This is also the location where Substance 101 is harvested. It is produced in tiny amounts by undersea beings, the Porlim shadows. This gigantic jellyfish which grows to a length of one hundred meters was genetically programmed millennia ago Carya Andaxi for this purpose, but originally the Substance 101 came from a Porleyter design lab. The submarine architects themselves are humanoid, gill-breathing beings which can exist only in the ocean.

Their bodies are thin and covered with scales. On the back they carry two wings of tentacles intertwined into each other, the Toron. The Toron serves for locomotion and carrying out low frequency communication.

The Schota-Magathe also live on Gray Foam. Since the Blood Night, they have cared for the physically ill as well as emotionally injured Protector Carya Andaxi, from whom they are descended. Remo Quotost, the main leader of the submarine architects, considers the Protector as his personal ward. When the SWORD arrives, he regards it as a diversionary maneuver by Tagg Kharzanis for the planets of the shadow government which were long ago also transported to other positions in Arphonie and placed in space-time folds, have now fallen back to normal space, and the Toron Erih are preparing to face the worst at any minute, namely discovery by the enemy.

However, Remo Quotost is finally convinced as to the fact that the bionic cruiser is real and that the arrivals are no agents of the enemy. Although he stands according to rank above General Traver, Remo Quotost himself cannot decide on the request of the petitioners for help in the battle against Tagg Kharzani. While Rorkhete is active this time voluntarily as a sperm donor and Keg Dellogun's family mixes among their people, at last Rhodan, Atlan, Lyressea and Zephyda are allowed to go to Carya Andaxi.

The Protector is certainly torn her depression by the pieces of news she receives and she also perceives the Knight's aura of the Galactics. She also clearly remembers Lyressea. However, on account of Andaxi's high images of morality, she cannot be moved to give military support or to even betray the hiding place of the Paragon Cross (if she actually knows). War, so Carya Andaxi expresses herself is "the wrong wave". She will do nothing to encourage war.

But the war already stands before the door to her house: a probe has been touched in space by the spurs of a hyperstorm and radiated hyperradio signals for some seconds, before it could be exploded by a code signal from Gray Foam. Should a Kybb ship have caught these signals, it would not take long, before Gray Foam is discovered.

Besides, the arrival of a bionic cruiser in Arphonie has not remained hidden to their enemy. He will risk everything to track down the SWORD

Jerry Schneiderman 2005-03-22

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