226 - Die Parasprinter
The Parasprinter
K.H. Scheer


Atlan suggests using two new mutants, the brothers Rakar and Tronar Woolver. These two brothers come from the world Chrystal. They are linked by a very strong telepathic connection and are able to teleport by following the energy fields between any two points in space. Rhodan implements a strategy which causes the traitors to call the Maahk ship via radio. The two "wave runners" take advantage of the communication to teleport onto the Maahk ship. There, they find out about the multiduplicator devices, but Tronar is captured by the Maahks, who pass him through the multiduplicator, creating a clone, then kill him. Rakar is able to escape.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

The precarious situation forces Atlan to bring into play a secret asset of the USO, the mutants Tronar and Rakal Woolver. The two mutants from the planet Imart have green skin, purple hair and a large barrel-shaped chest. They are designated as Parasprinters (Wave Runners). They can project themselves into other places without limit of distance while using any form of energy, such as radio waves, as a means of transportation. Thus, they are not quite true teleporters. A close relationship unites the twins.

During the cross-examination of the five doubles on 2 May 2401, Tronar Woolver passes himself off as an Akonide Secret Service officer wishing to make contact with the Maahks. He permits the doubles to send a short message to Grek-1. The Maahk Commander is distrustful and sends an impulse of destruction to his five agents. While they die, Pucky succeeds in reading their thoughts and learns that they are exact imitations of the original Terran agents.

The twin Woolvers use the radio message to jump aboard the Maahk vessel. Tronar is discovered and captured by the Maahks. When he is submitted to the effects of the duplicator, he himself dematerializes while his double is forming. Rakal immediately recognizes the double of Tronar as an imitation that lacks both his brotherís para-facalties and his brother's memories. Rakal uses dectection waves from the Terran vessel that follows the Maahk vessel to leave the cruiser and to inform Rhodan and Atlan.

Michael P. Mahoney

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