2257 - Der Mikrodieb
The Micro Thief
Arndt Ellmer

Due the raised hyperimpedance the flight of the RICHARD BURTON to the Greater Magellanic Cloud lasts several months and devours huge amounts of material in the form of numerous Hawk converters. There are also sporadic disturbances by abused aggregates or non-stop usage of the Nugas spheres. But they had counted on difficulties of this kind - other problems cause more headaches for the crew. On the one hand, tensions grow more and more between Kantiran and his mother Ascari da Vivo, until Kantiran finally looses his head with the simple sight of the Mascant, producing a rather embarrassing scene. On the other hand, an Akone mini-robot causes more serious trouble. The robot had been smuggled aboard back during the incident in the Luna shipyard (PR 2234) and had the order to take out the crew and steal the ship. However, the Akones had clearly believed the official version of Operation Crystal Storm and accordingly programmed the robot incorrectly. The crew is able to shut the mini- robot down without any great damage being done to the ship.

In the first days of January 1333 NGE the RICHARD Burton reaches the Greater Magellanic Cloud. The space-moving civilizations here are also suffering terribly from the results of the raised hyperimpedance. Although the RICHARD BURTON approaches the origin of the jet ray directed upon Sol, Bre Tsinga shows no reaction to it.

Near the Tarantula Nebula, a new star cluster is discovered. It must have returned to normal space, just like the star ocean of Jamondi, from a hidden hypercocoon, but much earlier. This star cluster is the origin of the jet ray and therefore probably also the seat of Gon-Orbhon's empire. Spherical energy fields incredibly rich in energy destroy two Gurrad ships, which try to penetrate into the star cluster. After a little while the RICHARD BURTON is also registered by a kind of detection ray and is fired upon with one of these energy torpedoes. It can avoid the destruction only by a premature jump into hyperspace. But before this happens, Bull is able to recover the survivors of the two destroyed Gurrad ships.

Jerry Schneiderman 2005-02-23

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