2253 - Kybb-Jger
Kybb Hunters
Frank Borsch

Offscreen with the bionic cruiser GREEN MOON, Perry Rhodan and Lyressea have freed the three still missing Sentries, Metondre (Weeping), Eithani (Burning) and Atjaa (Steel). Together, all six Sentries submit Rhodan and Atlan to a test, which gives the result that, certainly, the Galactics would absolutely be suitable to receive the Protector title, but that it is possible their Knight of the Depth aura's might interfere. However, because the still missing Paragon Cross must make the final decision anyway, this problem becomes put on hold.

Hytath, the Bleeding Sentry, makes an extremely interesting announcement. Namely, he brought, still before the final decline of the Protectors, the Motana First Fleet to safety. This eight thousand unit strong association the Deathbringer Fleet and consists of ships which resemble the bionic cruisers in basic design, certainly, but are ten percent more efficient and equipped with three Deathbringer gun emplacements instead of only the one. The hiding place of the First Fleet is the Kor system, one hundred and thirty eight light years removed from Tom Karthay. A reinforcement of this type would certainly help Zephyda, because, meanwhile, she has lost three more cruisers in battles against the Kybb. Therefore, Hytath sets off to Kor. The other Sentries are also tasked to verify their knowledge about old bases, equipment warehouses, etc. – perhaps not all of them have been destroyed by the Kybbs and something else is to be gotten there.

Meanwhile, Rhodan, Atlan and Zephyda fly with the SWORD and the BLOOD MOON to the Tan Jamondi system to begin the search there for the Paragon Cross. Because it is a center of power of the Kybb, camouflage must be used. The bionic cruisers are accommodated in the "hollowed" trunk of a conquered cube ship of the Kybb-Cranar.

Zephyda and Medillin, the outstandingly Psi-gifted Epha-Motana of the BLOOD MOON, must steer the cube ship together with their cruisers. On the way Jospeth, The Deathbringer of the BLOOD MOON, learns more about the Biotronics. Together with Echophage he repairs the Biotronic of the BLOOD MOON, whose central sphere had been destroyed during a battle. Echophage explains to Jospeth that the destruction of the ball is not necessarily the same thing as the end of the Biotronic, because the substance – or the consciousness – of a Biotronik is distributed in a kind of nerve network about the whole bionic cruiser. It is just that the concentration is greatest in the central sphere. In the neural fiber network there is a tiny amount of Substance 101, which is the biological component of a Biotronic – and in a case like this, it can be repaired; appropriate aids exist on every cruiser. One can execute the repair only if the affected places are covered entirely with salt water.

Jospeth immediately gets to work. The statement by Echophage that the mysterious Substance 101 was brought by Carya Andaxi to the Protector's order and is of Porleyter origin does not mean much to Jospeth.

When the Kybb cube with the two bionic cruisers arrives in the Tan Jamondi system, the Kybb-Trakens soon become suspicious, because the engine emissions of the cube ship do not change, and this suggests that Epha-Motanas are at work with their Psi-forces. Iant Letoxx, who leads the command in the system does not attach much importance to it. For him it is much more important that precisely during these hours the HALO TRAIL stations are beginning operation again, so that the DISTANCE TRAIL can be put into operation again. The reactivated DISTANCE TRAIL sends a hyperdimensional shock wave through the solar system by which, first of all, the Kybb ships are paralyzed temporarily. Nevertheless, the superior strength, which has sat down on the track of the bionic cruisers is too large. The BLOOD MOON sacrifices itself to distract the opponents of the SWORD – it flies directly at a HALO TRAIL. THE SWORD escapes unnoticed. It is a flight forwards: Their course leads directly to the location of the former Protector cathedral on the planet Tan Jamondi II.


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