2251 - Das Land unter dem Teich
The Land under the Pond
Frank Böhmert

Kimte is almost evacuated. Should Lyressea not manage to deactivate the self-destruct mechanism of the asylum capsule of her sister Catiaane, the whole city will be doomed to complete destruction. Most of the Motanas submit to their destiny, but some thousand rabble- rousers block the Blister Heart, so that Rhodan, Lyressea and Rorkhete must take a detour and a hair-raising climbing tour to reach the Pond of Trideage. On the way there Lyressea almost falls a victim to an assassination attempt: one of the demonstrators shoots an arrow at her. Lyressea shows that is more in the Sentry than had been confessed till now. In dangerous situations she can accept a second form and change into an enormous monster similar to a dragon, with armored skin, long claws and additional rows of teeth in her expanded jaws. In this battle form she can move so quickly that everything around her appears almost frozen. However, the conversion costs so much energy that the Sentry can only maintain the second form for a short time.

Rorkhete discovers the entrance to Catiaane's asylum by chance, which is camouflaged with non-detectable projectors like Lyressea's hiding place on Baikhal Cain; this one projects plant life. Rhodan, Lyressea and the Shozide follow a corridor into the depth but the hollow in which the asylum capsule should be, is empty. When the three cross a transparent energy field at the end of the corridor, they nevertheless suddenly find themselves inside the capsule. When they explore it and the nearby surroundings, they discover two things:

- Certainly, Lyressea can operate the logic circuits of the capsule and wake Catiaane, but they cannot prevent the self-destruction of the hiding place.

- The second thing is that the capsule is not in the star ocean, but on a planet in the halo of the galaxy Algstogermaht!

The daughter of the space region's leader is afflicted with a power that makes all males insane with love for her. She was stuck on this planet to live without any males around. Her father made this world into an artist's world. When the capsule was found on this world, long ago, their family became fascinated by it. As time went on and nobody could get into it, the capsule was forgotten. Then, the world became the leader's art world for his daughter and she rediscovered it.

Now that the hyperphysical resistance has been raised and the world is cut off from everyone, the capsule's opening causes excitement. Rhodan and Rorkhete are mentally affected and attacked during an excursion outside by the daughter and her guards, looking for working technology.

Lyressea must take on her second form again to free the two. When the aggressors penetrate into the asylum capsule, no time remains to look for a way to prevent the self-destruct mechanism. Lyressea frees Catiaane from the stasis field, and the capsule promptly begins to get hot. The companions must flee through the transmitter energy field, which carries them back to Kimte and then goes out certainly, the asylum capsule was destroyed, but this has no harmful effects on the city's foundation tree.

Jerry Schneiderman 01 28th 2005

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