2250 - Zeuge der Zeit
Witness of Time
Robert Feldhoff

On account of her ability of low threshold-telepathy Lyressea recognizes that the hiding place of her sister Catiaane, the Brass Sentry, must be in the city Kimte on Tom Karthay. While approximately three hundred Planetary Majesties are transported to the planet for the Convention of the Majesties, Lyressea searches the whole city.

She locates the asylum, finally, in the blister heart; said more exactly under the Pond of Trideage. The cities tree had appeared exactly over the hiding place. There is a problem: when one opens the buried sloop-sized capsule, the same thing will happen as did on Baikhal Cain: the capsule will smolder out - and thereby destroy the whole city tree with the fire and the city with it.

Zephyda, meanwhile, has to fight with completely different problems. A number of the Planetary Majesties immediately position themselves upon their arrival in Kimte against her; some even contrive a murder plot which is thwarted, however, by Kischmeide (who is, however, also no friend of Zephyda's plans). A lot of the Motanas prefer the relatively safe status quo to the inestimable risk of a revolt. When Zephyda then chooses the Roedergorm Fortress as a meeting place because there is no place big enough in Kimte, and in addition, allows the Karthog full participation in the convention, the Matriarchs are only surely outraged.

A second Schota Magathe family materializes in the Pond of Trideage. Their patriarch Dan Errithi informs that they were sent by Ka Than to deliver two messages. One concerns Rhodan and Atlan: Lotho Keraete has awoken, however, would like to remain with the Autonomous Gray to try to move him to active intervention. The second message is to be announced only at the convention. Dan Errithi also has news of a private nature for Keg Dellogun: Ka Than has modified the old laws which were given to the Schota Magathe by Carya Andaxi. In the future, the Oceanic Oracles may intervene in events and the banishment of Keg Dellogun's family was lifted. However, on Rhodan's request they decide to remain on the SWORD.

The Convention of the Majesties takes place as planned, in spite of all the problems. Rhodan leads the sessions. Zephyda holds a blazing speech after some initial insecurity and appeals for the war. Then Then Errithi delivers the message from the Autonomous Gray. Ka Than demands that the Motana choose themselves a Stellar Majesty and that Zephyda should hold this office. Lyressea and Rorkhete position themselves publicly on Zephydas side. The decision is arrived at: Zephyda is elected the Stellar Majesty with only six dissenting votes.

The Karthog of Roedergorm makes a special present to Kimte: A Protector statue. It is symbolically meant to protect Kimte. And the Motana will probably soon have bitter need of every type of protection possible…

Jerry Schneiderman 2005-01-28

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