225 - Rendezvous im All
Rendezvous in Space
Kurt Mahr


05 2401. The Terrans chance upon the dead body of a member of the Kitara's crew, convincing Rhodan that his spies are really Maahk agents now. Meanwhile, the duplicates start the Pulse Disruptor and materialize a Maahk ship inside the Milky Way. One of the Terran ships eventually discovers the Kitara and the enemy ship but fails to capture it. The Maahk ship disappears. In order to infiltrate the Terran ranks, Grek-1, the commander of the Maahk vessel, leaves the five duplicates on the Kitara. They are rescued by the Terrans and explain that the Kitara was attacked by the Maahk ship and that they are the only suvivors. The Terrans pretend they believe them but Rhodan now knows for sure they are traitors.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

The corpse of a crewmember of the KITARA is discovered drifting in space. It becomes clear to Rhodan and the other Terrans in charge that the five agents are in the service of the Maahks. The search for the KITARA restarts.

With the help of the Pulse Disruptor (Impulse Sensor) the Maahk commander, Grek-1, materializes with a vessel close to the KITARA. The device aboard the KITARA is disassembled.

The PLOPHEIA finally locates the KITARA. It discovers the foreign vessel nearby. The PLOPHEIA’s First Officer, Pol Kennan, a former friend of the real Cole Harper, secretly boards the KITARA and determines the role of the "false" Harper. When Harper rebels after having finished his mission for the Maahks, Grek-1 sends robots against the double. They kill Cole Harper, who is replaced by a new more obedient double. Kennan is seriously wounded and loses consciousness. When the KHREST II appears close to the KITARA and takes the five agents and the unconscious Kennan aboard, the Maahk vessel has long since disappeared from that region of space. Rhodan keeps the five doubles in the dark and they still believe that their real identity has not been discovered.

Michael P. Mahoney

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