2249 - Die Blutnacht von Barinx
The Blood Night of Barinx
Hubert Haensel

In the battle with STROWWAN'S fleet, which involves extremely heavy losses for both sides, the decision comes down in favor of the Protectors, due to the unexpectedly intervention of thousands of bionic cruisers and two Nocturnan obelisks that ES called for help from the galaxy Laxaron (aka Fornax), after some ships equipped with Paratechnology by STROWWAN had even succeeded tearing the artificial world Wanderer from its travels in hyperspace.<

The price of the victory is high though, as the armed forces of the Protectors come from the conflict heavily worn down. Indeed, the opposing units flee, but are still dangerous for the main worlds of the Protectors. Therefore, the strongly damaged Nocturnan obelisk Antallin teleports to Tan-Jamondi II, while the obelisk Satrugar proceeds to Parrakh. Antallin deviates from its course and falls on the planet Baikhal Cain, where it dies. It sinks into the planetary crust, and its substance foams and mixes with the planetary matter – whereby the Holy Mountain originates. A strong Psi-component frees itself from the mountain and disappears into space. From it later develops Autonomous Gray. 

The Nocturnan obelisk Satrugar falls on Parrakh very close to the Protectors cathedral. An inland sea develops in which only the cathedral itself, a piece of the Nocturnan obelisk and six volcanic cones jut out. Satrugar goes mad after the fall. Gon-Orbhon tries to help him, merging with the obelisk and thereby changes into an evil being who thinks itself god. Decades later STROWWAN is finally defeated by ES. The thickness concentration of the superintelligence prospers, but the Protectors go downhill. The Ancient Trummstam is affected by it: the tree dies. The Paragon Cross then disappears, so no more new Protectors can be consecrated. Gon-Orbhon takes over power in Amringhar. The cathedral there becomes the core of his empire and is called since then the Bulwark of Parrakh. In the fight against the Orbhon Empire, which is about to overrun Ammandul, Tagg Kharzani's Kyber people are destined to play a determining role.

Their mightiest weapons are the Kybb-Titans. These sixteen to seventeen kilometer thick, misshapen spheres remind one of a living being in some strange way. Their inside is filled by Nano-Cyborgs (Technites) which can create everything that is required by the Titans. Something mysterious proceeds within the Kybb-Titans; even Tagg Kharzani does not know everything about it. The origin of the Kybb-Titans likewise remains unknown. In areas that nobody can enter the Moto-clones are developing, but nobody knows anything about them. 

Gon-Orbhon taps the sun Talan or its 6D-component with a jet ray and begins the mental influencing of whole races in Ammandul. Soon afterwards he sends naval contingents into the galaxy - once again war breaks out. A thrust by the Protectors to Parrakh fails. Then ES intervenes and seals all sixteen star clusters that belong to the sphere of influence of the Protectors and the Orbhon Empire in Ammandul, Amringhar and Kyranghar in hypercocoons. After that, the star clusters have no more contact with each other or the remaining universe. The war is thereby finished all of a sudden and ES can continue to build up his thickness concentration in peace. Peace also rules at first in Jamondi. The few remaining Protectors bring the project DISTANCE TRACK to life. They want to try to create a connection between Jamondi and Arphonie. By chance it is found out that everywhere in Jamondi naval federations of the Kybb are being deployed. Tagg Kharzani is behind it: He wants to rip rule over the star ocean to himself. After heavy fighting, the Protectors pull together all their remaining forces at Barinx, in the " Ring of Nine Suns ". There they are hit devastatingly - all the Protectors fall, after Gimgon professes his feelings for Lyressea. The Sentries are evacuated in time and hidden on different planets. They are paramount to the eventual revival of the Order of Protectors. The Kybb-Titans apparently destroy Barinx and the whole nine suns < system … 

Lyresseas report ends with that. At the same time the first participants of the Convention of the Majesties arrive on Tom Karthay. 

Jerry Schneiderman 2004-12-09

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