2248 - Friedenskmpfer
Freedom Fighters
Hubert Haensel

FreedomfightersAfter losing the battle against the Kybb, Zephyda sends out her remaining thirty-nine cruisers to gather all the reachable Planetary Majesties for a Convention of the Majesties. She herself remains with the SWORD on Tom Karthay. The Medial Sentry Lyressea awakens there on August 6, 1332 NGE. She is a positive moral being. With great sympathy for the Galacticans, Motanas and Rorkhete, she begins to tell them about the past.

Six Sentries – three male and three female humanoids – are created by ES (IT) seven million years ago on Wanderer ( Ambur, at that time) from the gene pool of the planet Talan (aka Terra) and Homunk, who comes from the same gene pool, prepares them over several centuries for their task to help the Order of the Protectors. The Protectors at that time were an organization like the Knights of the Depth. They had their seat of power in the Jamondi star cluster, on the planet Tan-Jamondi II, this was also the location of their cathedral, a building in form of an enormous cone, which was integrated with a gigantic tree and was known as the Rogan Cathedral.

According to legend the Order would be blessed, as long as the tree bloomed. A mysterious being by the name of Orrien Alar, which could melt with the tree, the Ancient Trummstam, guarded it. Up to now the Protectors had been able to receive their consecration only in the Rogan Cathedral because a mental entity had merged with the cathedral. The Protectors had eventually renounced working for the Cosmocrata. They no longer wanted to follow the rigid rules of the forces of Order, but live according to their own moral principles.

The Cosmocrats agreed to it, however, with the demand of removing the mental entity from the Rogan Cathedral, so that no more new Protectors could be consecrated.

To retain the Order from extinction, new Protectors came to be consecrated in the future by the Sentries. It would only work though, with the help of the Paragon Cross, a psionic field in which a fragment of the consciousness of ES was integrated. Only absolutely positive beings could be consecrated as Protectors, and the final decision stood with the Paragon Cross. As an other present, the Sentries received some thousand newborn children and ten thousand fetuses from Homunk of a race that carries the name Motana. ES created the Motana from the current gene pool of Talan, and projected the likely development of life on Talan – i.e. the Motana correspond to the intelligent form of life which would develop itself on Talan only after another seven million years: Humans.

A prosperous period begins for the Order of the Protectors. The Sentries look for and test particularly "suitable" beings of all possible races and begin to consecrate new Protectors. These Protectors maintain order and security in Ammandul (aka the Milky Way) in a peaceful manner, settling conflicts without using their superior military power. The strongest spaceships of the Protectors are the Transports: seven kilometers long, rust red cylindrical ships. However, the Shozides form the backbone of the fleet with their double ringed ships. As they grow up and develop over the millennia, the Motana spread out all over Jamondi and become an important helper race for the Protectors. Their main world is the planet Barinx.

The Protectors spread out their sphere of influence over several star clusters in Ammandul. One of them is Arphonie and it lies near Talan. Another such star cluster lies in Amringhar (aka the Greater Magellanic Cloud) and is called Parrakhon. One of the "newer" Protectors is Tagg Kharzani, a somber humanoid, tall and thin as a skeleton who always wears a wide brimmed hat that keeps his head covered in shadow. Another new Protector is Gon-Orbhon. Lyressea found him in a rescue capsule, which floated in the empty space between Amringhar and Ammandul. He cannot remember his past, but seems to be an artificially created being. With his ability to mentally control intelligent beings from a distance, he ends a terrible war between the Kybb races in Amringhar and Khyranghar ( aka the Smaller Magellanic Cloud).

On Gon-Orbhons persuading, a second Protector Cathedral is established in Amringhar with part of the Paragon Cross on the planet Parrakh in which consecrations can also take place. The pacified Kybb races are integrated into the organization of the Protectors. The Kybb establish a monstrous building in the Arphonie star cluster for Tagg Kharzani. It is the Kherzesch Castle …

One day the amphibian Carya Andaxi is consecrated a Protector. She had once been a representative of the Cosmocrats, but no longer works for the forces of Order. She is practically the embodiment of positive morality. She repeatedly speaks of a legendary place by the name of Ahandaba, which cannot be reached with the conventional means of space travel. She begins to promote the psionic potential slumbering in the Motana for psionic space travel. Tagg Kharzani develops an aversion towards Carya Andaxi and her stories of Ahandaba. It turns out that Kharzani suffers from Thanatophobia – he has a morbid fear of death. Carya Andaxi withdraws to the water world Gray Foam, which supposedly resembles her home planet and lies very close to Kherzesch Castle. From there she returns with a new type of ship developed by the Submarine Architects, developed specially for the Motanas. With these "bionic cruisers" the Motana begin to more and more replace the Shozides.

Along with the bionic cruisers, Carya brings the Schota Maghate, nicknamed the Oceanic Oracles, from Gray Foam – rumors say that the Oceanic Oracles are Carya Andaxi's children.

Hard times begin when the Sentries receive a summons from Homunk: the helper races of the negative superintelligence STROWWAN will soon attack Ammandul. STROWWAN is pursuing the goal of changing into a matter depression. The war soon begins and for the first time the Protectors must use deadly force. New Protectors are no longer consecrated, and Wanderer withdraws into hyperspace.

During this time, the Sentries receive their titles. Lyressea becomes the Medial Sentry, due to her mental sensitivity. Catiaane becomes the Brass Sentry for her propensity to continue trying to make peace. Metondre became the Lover Sentry, for his trying to find the good even in the worst enemies. Eithani was the Burning Sentry because he burned for justice and revenge for all those killed. Atjaa was the Steel Sentry for his indomitable will to survive. Hytath became the Bleeding Sentry for his willingness to accept sacrifice for the greater good, but feeling the sorrow for the necessity of it... After eight hundred and ninety-eight years of war, the decisive battle begins between STROWWAN'S horde and the combined fleets of all the races of the Milky Way under the leaderships of the Protectors ...


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