2245 - Operation Kristallsturm
Operation Crystal Storm
Arndt Ellmer

Note: I found the summaries for 2243-2245 on the internet – not sure who, when or where. Someone spent some time on these and I hate to see them lost to the void.

Malcolm S. Daellian, the scientist critically injured in issue 2220 is now a lump of flesh in a floating tank that keeps him alive and active. To help him come to terms with it, Myles Kantor and Homer G. Adams have managed to talk him into heading Project RAINBOW, a new sun tapping ship that will provide the planets and ships with energy, so they are not so reliant on hypercrystals.

Meanwhile, rumors have started going around about Operation Crystal Storm, a massive project being prepared in moon orbit with massive security. The rumors say that the LFT is preparing to take control of all the hypercrystal mines they can get their hands on. As Daellian takes the first tap ship, RAINBOW I, to the sun in order to test it, he discovers a disciple of Gor-Orbohn on board, trying to blow them all to pieces. Daellian kills the man in battle as the ship begins to fail anyway and the crew barely escapes before the ship blows up from overstrained batteries.

While the RAINBOW II is being assembled, Myles Kantor informs Daellian that the rumors about Operation Crystal Storm are actually a façade for something even bigger. In the Hayok Star Archipelago, Reginald Bull and a team are preparing a mission to the Greater Magellanic Cloud in order to investigate Gor-Orbohn, who seems to reside there. The ships and material for the mission are being assembled in Terran moon orbit and will soon be leaving for Hayok as its first stop. They want Daellian to serve as chief scientist on the mission.

Daellian battles with the decision of whether to accept it or not, but knowing that he will finish Project RAINBOW in a short time, he finally agrees. The RAINBOW II is completed and makes a successful test flight, delivering a full load of energy to Terra. Before leaving Terra for Operation Crystal Storm, Daellian is sent to pick up a special passenger to take along, Bre Tsinga, the Cosmopsychologist, turned Gor-Orbohn disciple! It is hoped that her condition may give some hints on how to proceed when they arrive at the Greater Magellanic Cloud.

On July 3rd 1332 NGE, the association of ships comprising Operation Crystal Storm leaves orbit for Hayok

John E McClure 2015-08-23

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