2244 - Bürgergarde Terrania
Citizen Guard Terrania
Horst Hoffmann

Note: I found the summaries for 2243-2245 on the internet – not sure who, when or where. Someone spent some time on these and I hate to see them lost to the void.

In Terrania City, a couple in the Gon-Orbhon sect are killed by a mysterious individual for datafiles they possess. Meanwhile, Chip Greuther, Bernie Schneider, Maggie Sweeken, three Terran League Service agents are ordered to sit in a spaceship orbiting Earth and wait to be called for a mission. Maggie only recently joined Chip and Bernie after their old partner, the wondrous Tamara Örtiz, was transferred to other duties. Each of them is dealing with a tortured conscience for various reasons. Chip still mourns for his murdered wife, and feels guilty for almost killing the accused man, who turned out to be innocent. Maggie can't stand it that such a hateful religion is spreading over the Earth. And Bernie is a former theologian who couldn't take the hypocrisy of religions that say they are for the people, but ended up crucifying and stealing from them. While waiting for orders, they gossip about the events on Earth and a classified project being built around the moon called Operation Crystal Storm.

After a few days, Noviel Residor, the head of the TLS assigns them the mission of protecting the Gon-Orbhon sect from a new organization called Terrania's Citizen Guard. The mysterious Marshal Tellon, who hides himself behind a dark distortion field and his right hand man Terrence, leads it. The organization calls for active resistance against the sect by the citizenship because the law ties the government's hands.

Although the team sympathizes with the group, they reluctantly admit that the law is the law. Noviel Residor informs Chip, as head of the team, about the fact that Gon-Orbhon appears to be a superintelligence feeding off of the remains of another superintelligence's corpse within the Solar System's sun and that the sect members are being somehow influenced by Gon-Orbhon, so that they cannot be held responsible for what they do. The situation gets more and more violent. Through their investigations, the team discovers that the leader of the Terrania's Citizen Guard is none other than Chip and Bernie's old teammate Tamara, who had decided on a course of vigilante justice. Although she managed to kill all of Carlosch Imberlock's Adjuncts in a bombing, he managed to survive uninjured and vows to quickly replace the Adjuncts. With Tamamra captured, the Citizen Guard is now without a leader, but it has not disbanded. Only time will tell what happens next.

John E McClure 2015-08-23

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