224 - Agenten gegen das Imperium
Agents Versus The Imperium
Clark Darlton


Upon their return, the duplicates are seen by all as heroes, except for Atlan, who is fairly familiar with the Maahks and can't believe they would have let their prisoners escape. He suspects the five agents have been brainwashed by the Methanians, but since they are in all ways identical to their originals, he cannot prove his theory. The duplicates board the ship Kitara, on their way to shore leave on Inversia. Once under way, the agents hijack the ship, kill the crew and blow up the vessel, simulating an accident. This incident confirms Atlan's suspicions. A thorough examination of the area where the accident happened reveals nothing.

In the meantime, the duplicates are joined by an immaterial sphere sent to them by the Masters of the Islands. This sphere contains a new device, the Pulse Disruptor, that allows the Maahk ships to use the Sextuple transmitter without having to materialize near it. If the Disruptor is activated, the Maahks will be able to materialize wherever they wish in the galaxy.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

The KHREST II brings Halgor Sorlund, Hegete Hegha, Cole Harper, Son-Hao and Imar Arcus to Kahalo. On 11 April 2401, Atlan has the five agents examined by the Ara doctor Kostra-Nor. The Ara Physician confirms the identity of the five Terrans but he also diagnoses, to the surprise of everyone, the disappearance of all symptoms of the Center Plague. Atlan cannot prevent the departure of the KITARA with the five agents for Opposite (Inversia) when a Maahk fleet attacks Kahalo.

The doubles kill the crew of the KITARA and throw the corpses into space. Pucky searches for the KITARA with the LITUVIA but he finds no trace of the Terran vessel. The doubles simulate the destruction of the KITARA by the Maahks and begin the installation of a Pulse Disruptor (Impulse Sensor) that will permit the materialization of Maahk vessels at any location within the Milky Way. No longer will they have to materialize near the hexagonal transmitter or the planet Kahalo which are both close to the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

Michael P. Mahoney

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