223 - Die fünfte Kolonne
The Fifth Column
H.G. Ewers


The Maahks send the duplicates to Horror, where they rejoin the Prometheus III. They pretend they escaped from the Maahks and have vital information to give to headquarters. The Prometheus III brings the duplicates back to Kahalo via the transmitters on Horror and Twin. (note: a fifth column is another name for a spy ring.)

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney)

The five doubles return to the planet "Horror" with the Terran spacecraft by way of the Andro Center transmitter. They rendezvous with the ANDROTEST III (PROMETHEUS III). To increase the credibility of their double agents, the Maahks attack the vessel. They damage it so much that it must flee through the Horror Transmitter to the Twin System.

In their distrust towards the Maahks, Atlan and Allan D. Mercant are very skeptical about the identity of the five men but all examinations prove negative and arouse no suspicion.

When Atlan explores the huge “City of the Outlaws” on Quarta, he falls under the influence of an unknown device of the Maahks. At the last moment he is saved by Melbar Kasom and Perry Rhodan. The device is destroyed. No one suspects that this device was a duplicator.

Michael P. Mahoney

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